Cookie Policy - How we collect and utilize cookies - Casinoreviewers

Last updated: May 4, 2022

Many of today’s websites use cookies to provide users with a more convenient and reliable experience. Our site uses them to enable a wide range of functions and to speed up download times. We are always transparent with our users. Therefore, we disclose what cookies we use and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Websites find it useful to store small amounts of information on users’ computers. Tiny text files on your computer or device store the information. These tiny files are called cookies. They allow the website to store your unique identity and help the website to provide a better service to you. The cookie can also hold some information so that users do not have to re-input it every time they visit the site.

Your options

When you first visit our website, we ask for your permission to store cookies on your computer or device. You have the option to view/use our website without cookies. However, a few parts or services might not work correctly or may load slowly.

If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your devices, you can deactvate them by either using an add-on or by selecting the relevant option in the settings tab of your browser. In addition, you may also delete/remove cookies already stored on your device or computer using a browser. However, bear in mind by not accepting the cookies, you may affect the functionality of our website.

Categories of cookies

We use cookies for different functions and purposes. There are various types of cookies. Some of the main types are:

  • Placed and stored by a third-party cookie provider or us
  • Necessary in technical terms (technical necessity)
  • Stored and used for a specific period. (storage duration)

Some typical cookies used by our website are:

  • Analytics cookies
  • Functional cookies
  • Cookies used for performance purposes

Analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics to analyse user behaviour. Google processes information collected by the cookie and uses it to determine how users interact with the site. We can produce Analytics reports based on this information. The information is used to modify and enhance our website’s capabilities, which then creates a better user experience.

Google always provides data in an aggregated form. This means that although Google takes data from each individual user, the analytics are compiled by looking at all the users on the site. The number of page visits, date and time of visits, and any sub-pages visited, are all checked. This data provides an overview of how users interact with the site. We use this information to improve the site performance.

Functional cookies

The functional cookies on our website remember users’ choices. These choices might include language preferences, location, or display preferences.

Cookies for performance purposes

Performance cookies are directly associated with download speed and internet bandwidth. The information they provide allows us to improve user experience. In simple words, the user’s device does not have to download the same data repeatedly. For instance, when you first visit our website, it might take some time to load. But the next time you visit it, it will open much faster. The data cannot be used to identify an individual.