Introduction to Payment methods in Australia

Online casinos are a whole lot of fun, particularly if you can win some money from them. But, if you don’t find a good payment method at your favourite casino, then you can run into problems. However, there are a large number of different payment options available at Australian casinos, and the number is only growing.

Excitingly, these payment methods can be found across a number of different payment types. And, there are different turnaround times available too. This allows you to find one that really suits your needs.

Read on as we give you a quick intro to some of the top payment methods at Australian online casinos.

Credit and debit cards

Without a doubt, debit and credit cards have remained some of the top options when it comes to making payments online. In fact, Mastercard and Visa have retained a tight grip on this area. Happily for you, Australian online casinos provide good access to these types of payments. And this is great because both providers are globally renowned and offer safe and secure transactions.

If you do use card payments, it is a bit more longwinded than some of the other options. You do need to input your entire card number, expiry date and security number. But, all the data you provide is encrypted to prevent it from being accessed by untrustworthy third parties. It’s important to check that this security feature is in place though, especially if you plan on saving these details on the casino’s site for later use.

eWallets and prepaid cards

These two options are growing in popularity because of their ease of use and speedy turnaround times. In fact, eWallets have some of the best turnaround times out there, with some casinos even offering almost instant withdrawals.

There are a large number of eWallets available including PayPal, ecoPayz and Neteller. But, you will need to check each casino to see if they are accepted. The great thing about these options is that there’s no need to input long card numbers to get connected, just log in to your eWallet and confirm the transaction.

Prepaid cards are a mix of eWallets and card payments. For instance, Paysafecard gives you the chance to top up a card and then use it as a regular card. You will need to add in your PIN just like a credit or debit card. But, as it’s a third-party provider, you don’t need to add any banking details.

No matter which of these options you use, they all have strong security in place. And, because they act as middlemen, there’s reduced risk to your actual bank account.


In recent years, crypto has grown in popularity. This is still slowly coming to Australian casinos, but there are more and more options. Now, many casinos give you the option to make payments with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more. There are even games dedicated to crypto betting. Excitingly, using crypto means you can stay really anonymous and enjoy very quick transactions.

Other options

These days you can also make mobile payments via your mobile provider, bank transfers using Poli, and more. Each casino is different, so make sure you check what’s on offer as well as any transaction times and fees.