Introduction to Game Providers for Australian Online Casinos

Online casinos offer a massive selection of different games. These range from pokies through virtual table games, instant win options, bingo and so on to live dealer games. But, where do these games come from and who creates them?

The answer is simple – software providers. Each game comes from a different provider or studio. And these providers have dedicated teams of people creating these games to meet the needs of players. Once the provider has finalised a game, a casino operator can then lease it and host it on their online casino platform.

For players, this is great news as there is a huge range of different software providers out there who lease their games to a multitude of casinos. This means that players can enjoy a great selection of games. Here we’re going to look a little more in detail about the way this all works.

Evolution of online casino game providers

As casinos moved to the online platform, game providers had to make this transition too. Originally, many of the older providers were creating games for land-based use only but they have had to move with the times. In fact, there was a dramatic improvement in the games offered very early on because of this.

Over time, the graphics and animation for these games have continued to improve. Not only that but new, innovative features have also been added to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. This includes adding exciting gamification features, new in-game bonuses and full mobile compatibility across games.

Choosing a good software provider

As a player, you might not think it’s that important to carefully consider the software provider whose games you are using, but it is. And this is because you want to choose those that offer good graphics and gameplay but are also safe, secure and fair. With this in mind, you should be choosing games from providers that are well established and that have strong reputations.

So, what else should you be considering?

  • RNGs – players are usually very concerned that the games they are playing aren’t fair. Random number generators (RNGs) are the software used by providers to make sure that each game has unpredictable, random results.
  • In-game features – top software developers are always adding new features to their games to make them stand out. For instance, the Megaways reel is a hugely successful option adding thousands of paylines on a single spin.
  • Mobile compatibility – providers nowadays use HTML5 software to ensure their games can be played seamlessly across all devices. Some older providers have even updated their old, back catalogue of games making them mobile compatible too.

Top 20 Most Important Software Providers

With so many different software providers out there, it can be hard to know whose games to choose. To help you out when playing online, here are 20 of the biggest and best software developers out there. These are all names you should get to know within the industry as they all make top-quality games, add innovative features, make sure their games are mobile compatible and so much more. Check out these top developers now.