Casinoreviewers – Who We Are was founded by casino enthusiasts who have worked in the gambling industry for several years and are interested in gaming, computers, and technology. As a result, we know how to spot a decent casino or betting site. So we can confidently provide suggestions to our visitors.

The goal is to guide our website to become the premier source of gambling knowledge and resources for Canadian gamers. And we aim to provide the most accurate information possible. We continue to follow up with casinos listed on our page to update you regarding any information changes, such as new bonus offers.

Our team

Based in Dalarna county, Sweden, we are a small group that directs users to the finest gaming sites by discussing various aspects of gambling. On our website, you’ll find information about online casinos and other gambling-related info, such as special bonuses and reviews about new gambling sites. However, we provide content solely for informational and amusement reasons.

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How we work

We ensure that every casino review depends on data-driven research and professional expertise from our reviewers. Aside from evaluations, our staff’s enthusiasm and professionalism pervade every aspect of the Casino reviewers.

We’re entirely rigid regarding quality. Additionally, we often go as far as to avoid casinos that don’t meet our expectations and are unable to function in the best interests of Canadian players.

Our review process has been fine-tuned to perfection. The news, blog, and recommendations we provide are unparalleled. Moreover, all the content is unbiased and relevant.

Gambling regulation

Gambling legislation is continually changing across the world. Our skilled team of reporters keeps you up-to-date on all current developments. All the casinos we suggest across the globe have licenses from respectable legal authorities. If a casino violates compliance issues, we simply remove it from our list for users’ protection.

Responsible gaming

Every player may get guidance and support. So they need to stay in control of their gaming in our responsible gambling section. Here, you’ll discover international contact information and services for problem gamblers and information on the health and financial consequences of gaming. We want to help you be more secure and knowledgeable online. So you may live a healthy and happy life.

Over 1.6 billion individuals throughout the world gamble. For the most part, it’s just a kind of fun. On the other hand, gambling can go beyond enjoyment for some people and cause serious issues. It could be an indication of gambling addiction.

A gambling addict might seek help in a variety of ways. There is no specific treatment for gambling addiction that is the gold standard. However, some precautions you can take to avoid the addiction to gambling are:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Therapy and Counselling
  • Group Support and Self-Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, find out what you can do as a Canadian citizen.

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