Last updated: March 23, 2022

We believe in being upfront and honest in all we do, which is why we’re disclosing which cookies we use and for what reasons. Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of why, how, and when we employ them, as well as how they affect your experience.

To ensure the efficient operation of our site and the provision of our services, we use first and third-party cookies, advertising tags, and device detecting features. These are very useful tools for us to understand how people interact with our website. This aids us in improving and developing our website and services for visitors.

What are cookies and how do we utilize them?

Certain cookies are required for our site to function properly. For example, to allow you to navigate our site as intended. If you disable cookies, your visit may be interrupted or the site may not function correctly. However, these cookies do not gather information about your behaviour or preferences. This means that they cannot be used for marketing purposes or similar objectives.

Functional Cookies

We use functional cookies on our site to remember your choices, such as your language or geographic location. This is to provide you with services in your native language and information about your geographic location.

Cookies for performance purposes

These cookies enable us to continuously improve our website by allowing us to adjust download speeds and internet bandwidth. This is so that your device does not have to download the same data on each visit. All of this data is anonymous and collective, which means that it cannot be used to identify an individual. If you disable these cookies, your device may need to download more data each time you visit. This in turn makes the experience slower.

Cookies for analytics purposes

Additionally, we utilize Google Analytics, which is maybe the most widely used web analytics tool on the planet. Google uses this information to determine how visitors interact with the page and to provide reports based on that information. We utilize this information to enhance our site’s technical capabilities and user experience.

Data is always aggregated, and the information provided by Google Analytics is based on broad patterns rather than on individual behaviour. These patterns are analyzed in order to improve the performance of our service and platform, as well as the page itself. To be more specific, the data includes the number of visits, the date and time of the visit, and the pages and sub-pages seen by visitors.

Cookie advertising

To enhance our services, we collaborate with third parties to employ marketing cookies. This enables us to tailor our content to your preferences and interests. Our service partners supply us with cookies and other tracking mechanisms in order to ensure that you get the services and offers.