FanDuel partnership with NFL

Official Partnership Between Free Sports Book and the NFL

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National Football League partners with FanDuel

FanDuel Group announced the renewal of its multi-year contract with the National Football League of Canada. The sports betting business became the nation’s official sports book partner. This partnership extends its reach throughout North America.

Notably, the deal’s announcement came as FanDuel’s online gaming business expanded in Ontario. The sports book is free to use official NFL and member club IP as part of the agreement to interact with fans in novel and exciting ways. Furthermore, FanDuel can design campaigns and free-to-play games that feature the league.

Brand users will access various competitions. Also, trips to NFL games, including occasions like the Super Bowl, will be up for grabs. Likewise, the NFL’s website and other digital properties will feature advertising from the operator.

American football is a popular sport among sports lovers in Ontario. Therefore, the sports book’s effort will give fans enjoyable and responsible methods to watch the game with friends and family. Sports fanatics will witness branding associated with the NFL and opportunities for engagement and placing bets on sporting events.

Dale Hooper, general manager of FanDuel Canada, responded to the new agreement. The manager noted they were happy to extend their cooperation with the NFL to Canada.

Similarly, according to Gavin Kemp, Director of Corporate Partnerships at NFL Canada, the league would be able to provide its fans with exciting and enjoyable experiences. Also, the new collaboration will help to boost both parties’ levels of involvement.