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  • You may end up playing on autopilot without caring about how much money you've lost
  • You may lose interest in day-to-day activities
  • You may fall back into other previous addictions or mental illnesses


As we all know excessive gambling is a bad habit, both for your health and finance. You can easily lose control over your gambling habits. But that does not mean that it can't be solved. The path to redemption in gambling addiction can seem difficult, but with the right help you can expect a total change to your lifestyle.
There are plenty of different treatment programs, in which an addict can get enrolled. These programs range from therapy, self-exclusion and self-help groups.

Contact for addiction to gambling

Gambling is a socially acceptable activity for most people. However, its addiction is a different story. A gambling addiction can have a huge impact on your finances, relationships, and other elements in your life. For this reason, this guide discusses the necessary contact you need for addiction to gambling.

How to fix the problem

Gambling addiction can be overwhelming. However, the following tips will show you how to limit gambling urges in a simple and effective manner.

  • Try to schedule your time so that you aren’t tempted to gamble. In fact, many people tend to gamble simply to avoid boredom.
  • Substitute your gambling habits. Simply focus your energy on other positive things. Consider pursuing interesting and productive alternatives with the money you would have used to gamble.
  • Try getting out and meeting new people. For instance, join a walking group or a volunteering program. This will help you feel good while keeping your mind occupied.
  • Avoid high-risk situations like taking out loans, socialising at gaming establishments, or gambling with credit cards.
  • Have a journal of how much you spend on gambling habits. This will help you recognise if you have a problem sooner.

Addiction treatment options available in New Zealand

Do not be discouraged when addressing gambling addiction because you are not alone. Numerous treatment programs are available in New Zealand. Although many people are always reluctant to admit they have a gambling-related issue, acceptance is the first step towards recovery. After accepting, use the following treatment options:

Self-help groups

Talking with people who have a gambling issue is a crucial gambling addiction solution. Self-help groups have proved beneficial for different addictions, including gambling.


This is a treatment option for gamblers who desire to quit gambling for a period of time. This period can extend anywhere from six to twelve months. It is quite useful when you believe you have a gambling addiction and need assistance to stop. Reliable betting sites give you these limits.


Therapy aids in the identification of cognitive patterns that lead to and encourage gambling addiction. It employs systematic exposure to your gambling habits. Therapy will also teach you the skills you need to control your gambling urges.

Who you should contact

As listed above there are many options for you as a Kiwi, here are some of our recommendations:

What to expect

You can expect the following things after being enrolled in a treatment program:

  • A total lifestyle change
  • Better insight into your future
  • Understanding the value of time and money