Last Updated: June 29th, 2022

Cookies allows you to have a more reliable and easy experience when visiting our website. When you visit our website, it also provides you with a comprehensive range of functions. We are always open and honest with our customers. As a result, we provide information on cookies and how we use them on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little text files that websites save on people’s computers and mobile devices when they visit them. It saves user information in order to optimise a company’s website and make returning to it easier. Font size, language, login information, and display adjustments are among the information. Furthermore, cookies give users personalised advertising based on their searches and personal preferences.

Your options

You agree to allow us to use and store cookies on your preferred device or computer whenever you visit our website. Our website can be accessible without cookies in most cases. However, some aspects of the website may not function properly. If you don’t want cookies on your devices, you just have to deactivate the cookie option in your browser’s options tab. You may also erase stored cookies from your browser’s system settings.


Cookies on our website are classified according to their function and purpose. The following are the most often used cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies

We use certain types of cookies that are absolutely necessary for the website and its services to function correctly. These are the technical cookies. We use these cookies for the sole purpose of transmitting data to your computer.

Navigational cookies

Our website uses these cookies for website navigation, performance improvement, and the usage of specific products and services, such as access to restricted areas. They save the user’s preferences in order to remember the user’s preferred language or if the user has granted consent to use cookies.

Cookies for performance purposes

These cookies keep track of how you use our website. The information could include which pages you visit the most or which sections of the website you frequent. This allows us to continuously improve the user experience. To put it another way, the user’s device does not have to retrieve the same data over and over again.

Cookies for analytics purposes

We utilise Google Analytics for data analysis. It’s the most extensively used web analytics tool on the planet. Google analyses the data acquired by cookies to determine how website visitors engage with the page. After that, Google Analytics generates reports based on the data. We use this information to improve and change the capabilities of our website, which improves the user experience.

Third-party cookies

Cookies set by a website besides the one you’re presently on are third-party cookies. Third-party cookies, like regular cookies, are used to store information about a user so that the site can recall it later. However, advertising networks place these types of cookies to which a website may subscribe in order to increase sales or page views.

Cookies play an important role on all websites.