The Best Paying Online Casinos In USA 2022

Choosing which is the best paying online casino can be a difficult task, luckily for you, we have gathered the best paying casinos for US players right here! We evaluate these casinos based on things such as payment methods, payment delivery, payment percentage, game libraries, bonuses, customer support, and other features.

Payout Percentages

The common misconception players have about gambling is that the house always wins, but that is simply not true. Sometimes you win, and sometimes the house does. What most people don’t know is that you can significantly increase your chances of playing games with high RTP rates!


What Are RTPs?

RTP, or return to player, is an expression used to describe the average amount of money the game will pay throughout long periods of time and many hands (or spins) played. It is completely the opposite of house edge and is always expressed as a percentage. Generally, the online casino best payout rates are considered to be 96% and above.


How to Check for High RTP Games

Now that you know what a solid RTP is, let’s see where you can find it. RTPs are normally listed within the game via the paytable or the in-game rules. Sometimes, while browsing the gallery, the best paying online casinos will feature small pop-ups displaying the RTPs before you even start the game with best payout online casinos USA.


Blackjack game sites



Low House Edge

We mentioned house edge just a moment ago, and you are probably wondering what it is. House edge is, to put it simply, the casino advantage and the way any casino makes money. The house edge reveals two things. First, how much the game pays over time, and second, which game has higher returns on your bets.


Casino Payout times

Winning big is not the only goal a gamer has. It is equally important to get your hands on the money as soon as possible. As always, the CasinoReviewers team is here to rescue you with a couple of definitions, guidelines, and explanations to help you thrive. Withdrawal times are also a big factor to consider.


Average Casino Payout Times

Before we get to how long it takes to get your money, it is important to understand that casino payouts are a complex process with a lot going on behind the scene. Once you send your request, the casino will set the withdrawal to pending status. This period lasts up to 72 hours, depending on the policies, and during that time, the company’s team makes sure all games are played according to the casino rules. Once approved, the money will be sent to you. Different online casino best payout methods take different times to complete the process:


  • E-wallets and online payment platforms: up to 24 hours
  • Banking cards: up to 5 business days
  • Bank wire: up to 7 business days
  • Cheques: up to 10 business days, especially when sent via mail


What Affects the Payout Times?

Payout times are affected by several things. Consider them before asking for a withdrawal at your favorite best paying online casinos.


  • Payment methods – some are faster than others
  • Day of the week – if you ask for a cashout on weekends, things won’t get moving before Monday
  • Public holidays – casinos may work at lower capacity or not at all, so it may take longer
  • Bonuses – wagering requirement may affect the way your payout is processed


Our Top 3 Recommended Best Paying US Online Casinos

Looking for the best paying online casinos? Here are our favorites!


  • Caesars – this company is synonymous with gaming, and for a good reason. It is a place full of great games, attractive casino bonus offers, and customer support worthy of Caesar himself!
  • BetMGM – this operator is best known for its premium sports betting experience and offers high-class casino games and bonuses every player dreams of. The bonus terms are also spot on in the fairness stakes.
  • FanDuel – are you after sports, games, bonuses, or great service? It doesn’t matter. Fan Duel has it all and then some. One of the fastest-growing brands among the best paying online casinos is a great bang for the buck and one you need to check.



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Favorable Bonus Conditions

We make sure our readers quickly grasp the basics and understand that bonuses are not free bundles of money that are given out. While as entertaining as they are, these bonuses can affect what you can withdraw, so let us explain the aspect of favorable bonus conditions.


Can I Withdraw With a Bonus on My Balance?

Certain casinos, especially ones without a license, will likely prevent you from cashing out until you reach the (often incredibly high) wagering requirement. On the other hand, fair and licensed casinos will allow you to cash out what you have, but you will have to give up the bonus. Either way, having a bonus affects your withdrawals.


Wagering Requirement

All the best paying online casinos at have reasonable rollover requirements that will suit general audiences. That being said, we understand every player is an individual, so what works for most might not work for you. Make sure to play only bonuses that align with your withdrawal habits and playing capabilities.


Games Supported for Bonus Play

Once you accept the bonus, the variety of games at your disposal will likely be limited. Bonus play is sometimes banned from live casino games, or progressive jackpots, preventing you from triggering the biggest payouts. But you can still get some nice-sized prizes all the same!


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Best Banking Methods for High Casino Payouts

We have already told you not all casino payment methods can live up to your expectations when it comes to speed, which is why it’s crucial to find the one that will satisfy your own “need for speed”. All the popular payment methods are included below:


Credit Cards

Are credit cards the fastest way of handling your withdrawal? No, they are not. Even so, they are extremely safe, which is one of the most important factors when choosing your online casino best payout methods.



Here’s the thing with cryptos: they are fast, they are safe, but they are rarely available at casinos licensed in the US. Therefore, they might not be an option available to you, but that doesn’t make them any less suitable for handling high payouts.


Checks or eChecks

Oh, checks! That relic of old times, and something you think of as a payment method for the older generation, is actually one of the best ways to handle high payouts in US casinos. Safe, reliable, and supported by many major brands, they are worth considering, even if they sometimes cost a small fee.


Best Casino Games for High Casino Payouts

With gaming galleries spanning thousands of titles, we decided to create a map to help you navigate through the jungle of high-paying games!


Table Games

Some table games, such as the classic blackjack, provide you with great odds. Others, like roulette, are far riskier. Get familiar with the various titles and read our CasinoReviewers guides on different games to pick the ones where you actually stand a chance.


Video Poker

Video poker has a reputation as being one of the highest-paying games in the world of US online casinos. Many video poker games have the RTP reaching sky-high levels and being close to 100%. In fact, there are also games that pay more than 100% (with the right strategy!), so make sure to see if the best paying online casinos you are looking at have those in stock.


High RTP Slots

Slots might seem like mindless fun where nothing changes but the visuals and characters, but the CasinoReviewers team knows they drastically differentiate in RTP rates. Never play a game without checking the RTP first, and always look for the really high ones.


Blackjack game sites


How to Find the Best Paying Online Casinos

We have covered every aspect of playing at best-paying US casinos, but perhaps we should sum things up to make the process more streamlined and faster. Our CasinoReviewers team knows you can’t wait to start gaming, but we also want you to be safe. So, stick around with us for just one moment longer!

Go Through the CasinoReviewers Toplist

Browse our lists and see what brands are recommended. All the casinos we list are reliable, licensed, and very trustworthy, but some might seem more interesting to you than others. Remember them, and create a list of the best paying online casinos that pique your interest.

Read Our CasinoReviewers Reviews

The next step is to take that list of yours and read the reviews. Okay, this might seem like a hard thing to do, but it is easier than reviewing best-paying gaming sites all by yourself. Pay close attention to what we have to say, and see if the same things that bother us would bother you.

Try Out Different Online Casinos

It’s finally time to have some fun. Open the casino sites by clicking the buttons within our reviews. Then put every single platform to the test. Play games in demo mode (if available), chat with support (small tip: act completely clueless to see how they handle difficult customers) and get a feel for the platform and overall navigation.

Read the Terms & Conditions

You had some fun, but now it’s back to something more serious. Read all the casino and bonus terms and conditions. It is important to see if the casino has put effort into making them easy to understand or if it went the other way around and left many details open to interpretation.

Only Gamble at Trustworthy Online Casinos

Sure, you can try to find reliable and trustworthy casinos on your own. The CasinoReviewers team can’t stop you from doing so. Still, we can remind you all the casinos we list on our site are 100% trustworthy, licensed,


Are the Best Paying Online Casinos Trustworthy?

All casino brands we list here at are trustworthy and will pay you according to the rules listed on their websites. These brands are reliable and licensed, meaning their games are audited and tested by official authorities to ensure game fairness. Playing at a casino with no local license is always risky, no matter how high-paying it claims to be. The level of customer protection on such sites is extremely low, and you expose yourself to unnecessary risks, which is exactly why we aim to bring you all the online casino best payout sites.



Did you want to play at the best paying US casinos? Well, now you know all about it and are ready to start your journey! Our team at is constantly working on expanding the list of the best paying online casinos, so you can try as many brands as possible and play knowing you are getting fair games, solid deals, and great payouts. Good luck, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the best US casinos with our community!

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Best Paying Online Casinos in USA FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about the best paying online casinos.

 No, players don’t always win at high-paying US casinos, but by following our instructions, you can increase your chances of finding fair casinos and games that pay. In the end, it’s all about luck!
The best paying online casinos in the US are the ones that are licensed, have a variety of payment methods, a great range of games, and plenty of bonus offers. lists many of these sites, so feel free to take a look!
Some casino games pay more than others. Even when it comes to the same type of game (e.g., slots), not all of them pay the same nor provide you with the same chances.
Yes, you can. Otherwise, players would never achieve high wins, but remember, some games give you higher chances of winning than others.
Find a safe casino, play high-paying games, and use our recommended online casino best payout methods that support fast withdrawals. That’s about it!
New online casinos provide considerable benefits over more seasoned casinos due to the fact that they have cutting-edge software, games, and banking methods. Mobile access, advanced casino tools, and a user-friendly design are all common features at a new gaming site.