Top Fastest Payout Online Casinos USA 2022

Choosing which fast-payout casino you should play at can be a daunting task, luckily for you, we have gathered the best fast payout casinos for Americans right here! We evaluate these fastest payout casinos based on things such as payout speed, game libraries, bonuses, customer support, and other features.

What is a Fast Payout Casino?

Fast payout casinos are those that are willing to execute your cashout request faster than average. Most of them will focus on processing withdrawals within 12 or 24 hours so that you can enjoy your winnings ASAP.


On top of that, these instant withdrawal casino sites feature streamlined payout processes, so they can be executed with a simple click or two. It means you don’t have to spend your precious time trying to navigate the platform but rather on what you came for – playing games.

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How to Choose a Fast Payout Casino

Choosing a fast payout casino site in the US might seem like a challenge, but the CasinoReviewers team is here to lend you a hand. The key is to rely on the casinos we promote! They are all trustworthy, reliable, and licensed and provide a fair and well-balanced gaming experience with withdrawals that are over and done in a flash!


Pros and Cons of Fast Payout Casinos

Look, we won’t try to hide away from the fact that instant withdrawal casino sites are not everyone’s thing. For a balanced insight, we deliver all the pros and cons to help explain:


  • Often a wide range of payment methods
  • Almost instant money transfers
  • Easier to keep control over your winnings
  • Simple and user-friendly


  • It is not always possible to cancel your withdrawal
  • Depending on the method, it may take longer than expected

Our Top 3 Recommended Fast Payout Casinos in the US

Do you want to start triggering payouts and enjoy fast withdrawals right away? Then consider the brands we think are the top-rated casinos right now:

  • FanDuel – FanDuel is a combo of all things we like the most: great games, attractive sports odds, cool bonuses, and fair bonus rules. Also, the withdrawal times are more than reasonable and are definitely gravitating towards being shorter than average! 
  • Caesars – Fit for a king, or should we say emperor, Caesars is home to a stunning array of games, accompanied by a 100% transparent payment policy. All rules are clear, and withdrawals are faster than one might expect from such a casino giant! 
  • BetMGM – The name that is big in sports is also getting bigger in the world of casino gaming. As one of the fastest-paying US online casinos, it is a prime destination for players who like to mix, match, and have a fun time.

Is a Fast Payout Casino Always Trustworthy?

Okay, here’s the thing: all US casinos listed at are trustworthy and reliable and, most of all – licensed by the local iGaming watchdogs. However, throughout your gaming career, you may also encounter brands that claim to be licensed but aren’t listed here. Some of them might even claim to execute payouts at rapid speed.

Take such claims with a grain of salt (or even the entire salt shaker, just in case). Fast payout US casinos operating without a green light from local authorities have no obligations to play by the book and stick to their promises.


Why Play at a Fast Payout Casino?

To put it as simply as we can, when you play at fast payout US casinos, you get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts much faster. Play, have a good time, and once your balance hits that sweet spot, send the request, and the money will be with you sooner than you think.


Bonuses at Fast Payout Casinos

In the world of online casino gaming, there is one thing that fascinates all players, no matter how big or small their stakes are. That is bonuses. All casinos on our site feature solid deals, yet certain kinds of promotions are more common at instant withdrawal casino sites than others.


Welcome Bonus

The welcome casino bonus is normally the first bonus to land in your lap. Available on first, and sometimes even on subsequent deposits, it is a great way to boost your bankroll in a moment. 


Reload/Deposit Bonus

Players who join fast payout US casinos are prone to cashing out more frequently, and it is deposit bonuses that keep them coming back. Namely, these deals will add some extra bonus money with every top-up.


Rewards Points

Often overlooked, rewards points are a pretty common type of promo at any fast payout US casino we endorse. The points you gain accumulate over time, thus allowing you to trigger extra bonuses and special deals, as well as all sorts of perks and benefits.

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What to look out for at the Fastest Payouts at Online Casinos

By now, you probably have a general idea of what fast payout US casinos look like, and you are ready to embark on this thrilling journey. CasinoReviewers will, once again, be our trusty sidekick, assisting you in asking all the right questions at the right time.


Is the Casino Trustworthy?

Always play at instant withdrawal casino sites that operate under a valid license issued by the local US authority. Furthermore, keep an eye on any 3rd party fairness certificates, public opinion on the brand, and transparency. Better to be safe than sorry. 


Are there any Withdrawal Fees?

Fast withdrawals are amazing to have, but if they come at a high price, they are no longer that worthwhile. Before engaging with a fast paying US casino, take a look at withdrawal policies, look for methods accompanied by fees, and stick to those that enable 100% free withdrawals.


Are You Using the Main Currency of the Online Casino?

USD should be the main currency at your casino, or at least supported. Why? Because if you have to use exchange rates, you will lose some money on the commission, and we all hate that! 


Read the Terms & Conditions

Long and complicated, written in law language, terms and conditions are a pain in the neck to read. Still, never skip this step, as this is where all the fine print is hidden. Know your rights and obligations before playing at fast paying casinos. 


Withdrawal Conditions

Prior to engaging in gaming at a specific fast paying online casino, it is good to take a look at withdrawal terms. They can be a stand-alone document, or part of the T&Cs, but whatever the case may be, they’ll always deliver all the little details on how payouts take place. 


Withdrawal Amount Limits

Every single casino operator will have its own limits on how much you can cash out during a certain period. This mostly includes:

  • daily withdrawal limits
  • weekly limits
  • monthly withdrawal limits

On top of that, there may be specific rules on how larger amounts (over a certain limit, let’s say $50,000) are paid out, as well as progressive jackpot wins.


Withdrawal Request Limits

Do you think you can cash out every day? Well, unfortunately, you are wrong. Most fast-paying casinos have rules on how many cashouts a player can ask for within predetermined periods. Furthermore, there may be an imposed maximum number of withdrawals limit. For instance, it is very likely you can have only three withdrawals pending at once.


Bonus and Tournament Restrictions

Players who want to cash out as fast as possible must understand that enjoying certain bonuses and events such as tournaments and competitions will often have to adhere to an additional set of rules during the withdrawal process. These include:

  • ban on withdrawals at the time of the event
  • ban on withdrawals before rollover is reached
  • ban of bonuses for certain payment methods

VIP Withdrawal Conditions

Are you a VIP? Then, there might be special beneficial rules just for you. VIP gamers can frequently enjoy even faster cashouts than usual, as well as payouts with no fees.

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The Fastest Online Casino Payment Methods

If you haven’t settled for your payment option yet, the CasinoReviewers team has a couple of useful methods our community rates as the best ones to use at instant withdrawal casino sites.



One of the top e-wallets for many, Neteller is a popular option in the community. Why is it so? Once processed, the withdrawal will be made almost instantly, and you can go out and treat yourself.



The big one. PayPal is safe, reliable, and delivers money in less than 24 hours. Some members of our community even claim it takes only a minute or so to get the money, which is truly remarkable. 


Cage Cashouts

This is not an option for everyone, but if your casino has retail shops, you can go to the cage and cash out as if you played with real chips and tickets. It will cost you some gas money, but the feeling of holding cash you just won is simply unbeatable. 



Play+ is gaining momentum in the world of US online gambling, and it is no secret why. The payouts take from a few moments up to two days, allowing you to enjoy the winnings in no time. 


How we Review Fast Payout Casinos 

The CasinoReviewers team is always working on adding as many instant withdrawal casino reviews as possible, and you are probably wondering what criteria we apply while testing all those sites. We keep no secrets! This is how we do it. 


Payout Speed 

Is the casino really handling those payouts as fast as it can, or is it just using catchy phrases, hoping to lure you into signing up? Our team puts them to the test and explains our findings. Of course, we prefer those that deliver what’s promised.


Fast Payment Methods

Fast payouts are possible with the right combo of casino policies and payment options available. Naturally, we prefer casinos with payment options that can deliver the money to your fingertips in a blink of an eye. 


Safety and Security

Just because we want you to enjoy your winnings fast doesn’t mean we are ready to compromise on your safety. We take a deep dive into the world of safety, licenses, and all that boring legal stuff to see if you’ll be able to play responsibly, in a fair environment, and under fair conditions.


Casino Bonuses

We all know that you like bonuses, but we are the ones making sure you get your money’s worth and a fair chance to play them. Bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and the terms and conditions even more so. Follow our advice, and you’ll never claim a bad bonus again!



Having fast payouts is one of those features players crave, and US casinos are aware of it. In the sea of brands that claim to be fast-paying, the CasinoReviewers team has found those that truly deliver and keep their promise. Read our tips, browse our recommendations, and find the fast payout casino set up to deliver all that you expect and sometimes more!


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Instant Withdrawal Casino FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about Fast Payout US casinos

 As a rule, at instant withdrawal casino sites, transactions are approved in up to 24 hours. The transfer can be instant or take some time. It all depends on the method you are using.

 Yes and no. Some methods are faster than others in terms of cashing out. Still, you should always use the payment method you prefer, and that makes the most sense to you. 

Unfortunately, no, at least if you don’t want to pay the high price, which includes processing fees and charges. Most casinos will ask you to play the money at least once before cashing out or ask you to pay a hefty fee.

It depends. Some methods come with fees attached. Yet, the casinos we recommend always have many methods that don’t charge any fees on your cashout.

If you used a deposit method that doesn’t support cashouts, you would be suggested an alternative by the casino. Otherwise, you can’t change the method you are already using just to get the money faster.

Fast payout casinos provide considerable benefits over more seasoned casinos due to the fact that they have a low payment time and are geared towards doing just that.