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  • Gambling addicts may suffer compulsive urges to gamble.
  • The assistance of a specialist is normally required to overcome a gambling addiction.
  • A common mentality presented by gambling addicts is that they must recover their losses, and that their luck will turn eventually.


For most people, gambling is a fun activity and source of entertainment on their free time, however, this isn't the case for everybody. Betting can quickly become an addictive activity, which due to it's reliance on chance comes with a great deal of risk. Gambling addiction can cause severe mental health problems, as well as financial. If you or someone you know is addicted to gambling, you may need the assistance of a specialist to help you get your life back on track.

An Endless Cycle

Many players hope every day that today it’s their turn to win the grand jackpot which will improve their life drastically. However, gambling in this way almost always results in a significant loss of money. The gambler is at this point, probably not far from a crippling gambling addiction. Gambling can be done in many forms, such as online gambling, sports betting, lotteries, or scratch-cards.

Gambling Addicts Suffer From a Compulsive Urge to Gamble

They will often gamble in a multitude of ways, almost every single day. The player may not realize how much money they are losing, since they are used to this kind of lifestyle, but frequent gambling can cause a monthly loss of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This type of behavior is hard to overcome, and must usually be assisted by a specialist.

Gambling as a Distraction From Reality

Addiction to gambling often happens to people who already have an underlying diagnose or mental issue, such as depression, hyperactivity, or other addictions. By surrounding themselves with gambling entertainment, the player can distract themselves from their other problems for a time. For others, gambling is simply a way for them to express their feelings. But there are also those who fuel their addiction with the thought of money, where winning big is seen as an evidence of success, no matter the cost.

The Gambling Mentality

The fundamental ground behind gambling is that we must win when we gamble for real money. Unfortunately, the player usually has no control of the outcome when playing casino games, or betting on the lottery. We still tell ourselves however, that we are getting more skilled, that our luck will turn, or that today is the day, where our lives will change forever.

What You Can Do

If you, or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction, we suggest getting help from one of the following support groups, or helplines:

Remember that gambling addiction is nothing to feel ashamed about. It’s better to get help now, than waiting until it’s already too late.

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