Most Popular Roulette Sites in the US 2022

In many parts of the US, online casinos are now legal, and all of these sites offer at least one version of real money roulette for you to play. Before you start placing your bets, read on to find out more about how to find the best roulette casinos and how to play.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a simple game involving a table, wheel, and ball. The name in French means little wheel, and it’s this spinning wheel that will determine the outcome of your bets. Before the game begins, you place your chips on the table to denote where you predict the ball to land. The croupier then drops the ball onto the wheel, and wherever it stops will be the winner. For example, if you bet on red and it lands on a red space, you win that bet.

Roulette is an easy game to play, with players betting on where they think a ball will end up on a numbered wheel. Before the game begins, you place your chips on the table to denote where you predict the ball to land. The croupier then drops the ball onto the wheel, and wherever it stops will be the winner. For example, if you bet on red and it lands on a red space, you win that bet.

Over the years, several different versions of roulette have been created, including American, French, and European. There are also more modern versions of the game, such as speed roulette, multi-ball roulette, and even live roulette. You can enjoy all of these games online, where it’s easier than ever to enjoy roulette and win real money.


How We Rate the Best Roulette Sites

Before you start playing roulette online, you need to make sure you choose a top online casino. We review all US casinos to help players discover the sites offering the best games and overall playing experience. You can use our reviews to choose a trusted and safe site, making sure you have the most fun playing online. Here are some of the most important aspects we look at when writing our reviews.


Licence and Security

When choosing an online casino, it’s important that you can trust it before signing up and depositing your money. A license shows that the site is not only legal but that it must protect players and offer games that are fair to play. Licenses are provided by gambling authorities, which are trusted government organizations.

When we review a US casino, we check the license it has and make sure that it is committed to keeping its players safe and protected. This means looking into the encryption used and seeing how personal data is handled. With our recommended casinos, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting a fair and safe playing experience.


Bonus and Promotions

When you first join an online casino, you’ll usually be able to claim a welcome bonus. Many US casinos also offer regular promotions to their players. From free spins to no-deposit bonuses, there are a lot of different promotions out there. Our reviews look carefully at all of the bonuses and rewards available.

We check the value that these bonuses provide and make sure that they’re easy to claim and fun to use. This means reading through all of the terms and conditions and testing them out. We claim each bonus for ourselves to make sure it offers good value and isn’t difficult to use. We also provide up to date information on every new bonus and promotion that each casino offers.


Payment Methods

When you play online casino games for real money, you need to first deposit funds to your account. Top online casinos make it as simple as possible for players to deposit, accepting all major payment methods and not imposing any restrictions. Ideally, this should make it really easy for players to deposit and withdraw money without any delays or issues.

When we review online casinos, we check which payment methods are used and how easy it is to deposit. We also make sure that withdrawals are processed quickly and that there aren’t any fees. Overall, our reviews provide information on whether or not it’s easy to use the casino and get your funds whenever you need them.


Game Selection

If you’re playing at an online casino, you want to be able to choose from a wide selection of exciting games. Our reviews explore the game library on offer, including all the different versions of roulette available. We make sure that there are plenty of games to choose from and that all of the games are high-quality.

Our reviews also check out the software providers featured on the site to make sure you get to play the best games. We test all of the top games out for ourselves to make sure they’re fun and exciting to play. Not only that, but we also look at how the games are laid out and whether it’s easy to find specific games.


Our Top 3 Recommended Online Roulette Casinos in 2022

The iconic game of chance, you can play roulette at most online casinos in the US. We have chosen top 3 casinos to play roulette and test your luck online!


Real Money Online Roulette Licensing and Compliance

In the US, all online casinos need to be licensed by the state regulator for each state that they operate in. The license means that the site has to adhere to strict rules on how it treats players and the games it provides. In short, a license shows that you can trust an online casino will be safe, fair, and fun to play at. All of the sites we review here have been licensed and have great reputations for offering fair online roulette games.


Before you start playing roulette for real money, be sure to check that the site you use is licensed in your state. You can also verify how fair the game is to play by looking at the return to player (RTP) rate. This is found in the game information and gives you a percentage of how much you could expect to win back when playing for a long length of time. Games with higher RTP rates are fairer to play.


Real Money Roulette on Mobile

Aside from playing roulette on your desktop computer, you can now enjoy this classic game on your smartphone or tablet. All of the best US roulette casinos are compatible with mobile devices, letting you place bets and play while on the go. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can load up your favorite casino in your mobile browser, sign in and start playing.

There’s no need to download any additional software to play, and the games work perfectly even on smaller screens. Provided you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be able to play these games wherever you go. Some online casinos also offer an app for you to download, which helps make it even easier to play anywhere you want.


Advantages of Playing on Online Roulette Sites

Roulette is hugely popular and has been played in casinos for hundreds of years. Today, it’s far more common to play online, and it’s becoming more popular than ever. There are many advantages of playing roulette online compared to enjoying the game in a traditional, land-based casino. Here are just a few of them.



Compared to a lot of other casino games out there, roulette is surprisingly straightforward. You start by placing your bet on the table and then waiting to see where the ball will land. The outcome of each bet is pure luck, so there’s no direct strategy involved. This means you can play without needing to think too hard about your bets, making it a lot more enjoyable, especially if you’re a beginner.

Although the table might look confusing at first, it’s actually very simple. The places on the inside of the table are higher payouts and are known as inside bets. On the other hand, the outside bets are lower payouts and are found on the outside of the table. The payouts for each bet are easy to remember, and you can find them in the game information.



The main advantage of playing roulette online rather than at a land-based casino is convenience. When you play online, you don’t need to travel anywhere or wait for a space at a table to open up. Instead, you simply log into your casino account and load up a game to start playing.

Additionally, it’s now possible to play roulette on your mobile, meaning you can always get a game even when you’re out of the house. Play roulette has never been easier, and this has led to the game becoming more popular than ever. There are now loads of great online casinos that allow you to play roulette for real money in the US.


High Return to Player Rate

The different versions of roulette have different RTP rates, but it’s always quite high, no matter which version you play. French roulette has an RTP rate above 98%, while European has a rate above 97%. Meanwhile, American roulette is lower at just over 94% but still decent.

This means you can expect good odds when playing the game over a long period of time, and betting on the outside bets can see consistent returns if you’re lucky enough. However, it’s important to note that there is always a house edge with roulette, and it’s a game of chance. Although the average returns might be good, you could lose more or win more than the average.



Unlike some other table games, there are a lot of different versions of roulette available when you play online. It’s a very popular game, and new rules have been created over the years. The three main versions are American, European, and French, but there are many other ways to play, including speed roulette and multi-ball roulette.

Each version of the game gives you something different, making it an exciting experience to try out. There’s also live roulette, which lets you play with a real roulette wheel and real croupier. Because there are so many different versions, you’ll always have a new way to play.


Roulette game sites



Roulette is one of the oldest casino games still played today, and it’s one that has stood the test of time. The reason for its unending popularity is that it’s incredibly exciting and offers lots of different ways to play. Few thrills can compare to watching the roulette wheel spin and anticipating where it will end up.

When you play online, there are many different versions available, and you also have a large selection of betting options. Whether you’re a high risk, high reward player or prefer to play it safe, roulette is always enjoyable. Now you know more about the game, you’re ready to choose one of the best US roulette online casinos and start playing.

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Video Guide for Roulette

While roulette is a simple game, it can still be confusing to new players. Check out this video guide to learn the basics and start playing in no time!



The outside bets are generally considered the most profitable, as they have the highest return to player rate. Although the payout for these is a lot lower than the inside bets, they offer more consistent returns.

No, roulette is a completely luck-based game. There’s no way to influence the outcome. However, you can choose more favorable bets.

The martingale strategy involves betting on one of the outside options and doubling your bet each time it loses. It can be very effective but can also lead to big losses if you’re unlucky.

If you are playing in legitimate online casinos, the chance that the wheel is rigged is very small. Just to be safe, we recommend avoiding old game sites and only playing on popular, relevant, and well-maintained casinos.

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