Top USA No Deposit Bonuses in 2022

If you wish to play casino games on the internet, we’ve collected lists of the greatest online casinos available to gamers all over the globe. Here is a list of top sites to enjoy no deposit bonus codes in the US 2022:

What Exactly is the No Deposit Bonus?

This type of bonus requires no deposit to be activated, and the funds are instantly airdropped to your account. The value of this bonus is relatively low, ranging anywhere between $5 – $20 and can sometimes be higher if the online casino is feeling generous to its players. Alternatively, another variation of the no deposit bonus are free spins. These bonuses also require no deposit required to activate and work in a similar fashion to the money variant.


On occasions such as the festive period of christmas, live casino platforms will have no deposit bonuses for their card games. These no deposit bonuses are different to your normal ones. Here bonus cards are put into the deck. If you’re drawn the bonus card the cash value of that card is instantly added to your account. These bonuses range from $10, $20, and for a lucky few $50. So ensure to keep an eye out for the Christmas specials.


How Does No Deposit Bonuses work?

No Deposit Casino Bonus USA Offers

There are a few ways this bonus can be used. First it can be given to users as money credit, and on some occasions it can be given to users as free spins. Let’s assume here that you’ve been given the free money credit. The free money in your account is usable on almost all games available on the platform. This means you can use it on all auto generated games such as card games, and slots. You can also use it on the live casino games as well. Some games may not be accepted by this bonus and should be checked in the terms and conditions section.


Once you’ve been awarded your bonus, all you need to do is select the game. Once you’ve selected and opened the game, the money will instantly show up on the dashboard and can be used straight away. No changes will be made to the game, and you’ll play as if it was your own deposited funds. If you lose all the deposit credit within the game, you will not be charged and the bonus will be completed. Typically, this bonus is only given one per use and can’t be used again until it is refreshed by the online casino.


If the no deposit bonus awarded to you is in free spins the layout of how it works will be the same as the money equivalent. Except you can only use your free spins on slots while the cash variant can be used on a wide range of games. The free spins awarded can range anywhere from 10 – 250 free spins and vary depending on the online casino.


If you’re winning and have made money, then read the next section to understand what you need to do before any withdrawals can be made with the bonus money. As you may be aware, most online casino bonuses have wagering requirements.


Wagering Requirements of No Deposit Bonuses

The wagering requirements for the no deposit bonus is similar to that of all other bonuses. You’ll be required to meet a specific multiple of money wagered using the deposit money before it is withdrawn. Some multiples at online casinos can range from 20X – 50X, which is very difficult to achieve if you’ve only been awarded $5. The wagering requirements will alter between online casinos and it is best to check the terms and conditions before starting your bets. However, here’s some general information about wagering requirements and things to look out for!


No Deposit Casino Bonus USA 2022


Wagering Time Limits

There is always a time limit set on no deposit bonuses. These time limits can range from 30 to 90 days, depending on the online casino. Once the time limit is reached for the bonus, the credit will be removed from the account and any money that was won with it if the multiple value was not met.


Some online casinos will also have a limit in each game to the percentage contribution to wagering requirements. Generally when the no deposit bonuses are used on slots the wagering contribution is 100%. However when it is used on live casino games then the values are significantly reduced and can be between 10% – 20% depending on the online casino. Online casinos provide a table which fully breaks down all contributions each game provides. This is all located on the terms and conditions tab of the bonus.


Maximum Wagering

There are maximum wagering limits set on some no deposit bonuses. These wagering limits are set per day, which means you cannot wager your funds above a specific value each day. This value can vary dramatically depending on the online casino and can come in the form of a multiple or hard cash limit. Once the maximum wagering amount is reached any funds gambled after won’t be added to the wagering multiplier. Be careful to check you’ve hit the limit for the day before gambling further as some online casinos may not inform you of when you’ve hit the threshold.


Restrictions on Games

There are limits to where the no deposit bonus can be used. Some online casinos don’t allow players to use it on live casino games as it is easier for players to achieve the wagering requirements there. Make sure you check if the online casinos allow this. If not, there are many other games available for you to use the bonus on.


An example of how wagering multipliers work

Let’s start off with creating the narrative. You’ve just been awarded $5 in no deposit bonuses. The wagering requirements set by the online casino are a 20x of the deposited amount. This means you need to wager $5 x 20 = $100. You will need to wager your $5 to reach a wagered value of $100 before you can withdraw. This doesn’t mean if you make $100 you can withdraw the funds. It means you have to bet an equivalent of $100 to withdraw the funds.


If you’re using the free spins you’ll need to win some money on the slots and use the money to then meet the wagering requirements. This means you can’t use the free spins to essentially meet the wagering requirements and will need to use anything won from the free spins no matter how small it is. The requirements are generally the same as the cash variants as well, so you’ll need to get the 20 x – 50 x limit before withdrawing your funds.


How do I claim a No Deposit Bonus

There are three ways to claim the no deposit bonus. Each way is varied and all provide you with free money or free spins. These three ways include:


  • Welcome Package
  • Airdrop
  • Bonus Code


The welcome package can sometimes include the bonus. To obtain it, all you need to do is sign up to the online casino and the bonus will instantly be credited to your account. You can find some of the best online casinos on our website. The welcome package could also include a match bonus where you can gain more money so keep an eye out for that.


Alternatively airdrops are easy to obtain as they will randomly appear in your account, and you’ll likely get an email or text saying that the online casino has given you a no deposit bonus. Both of these routes are the easiest way to claim the no deposit bonus. You can increase the amount of random airdrops reaching your account by becoming a VIP member and ranking higher on the VIP board.


The harder route of obtaining the no deposit bonus is by using a bonus code. These bonus codes are typically added to the bonus page or the depositing page of the casino. Once the bonus is applied, the funds will then be added to your account. It is safe to mention here that a bonus can only be used one per account. Ensure to check the expiry date on the code and it may not work if it’s old. Codes that are still valid can be found on our website.



The no deposit bonus is one of the most popular, if not the best bonus for users to obtain. It required no loss of money as the deposit is completely free and getting the bonus is relatively easy as all you need to do is sign up for an account or wait for an airdrop and the funds are ready to play with. There are also two types of no deposit bonuses being the cash variant and the free spins. Within this review on no deposit bonuses we’ve gone through all of the valuable information you’ll need to become an expert in the no deposit bonus. If you’re looking for a no deposit bonus, check out the list of online casinos that we have provided here. It’s your time now to start using it and get your game face on!

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Still Unsure if You Should Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

If you still haven’t decided if you should try playing for a no deposit bonus, check out this video introduction about the promotion.

No Deposit Bonus FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about no deposit bonuses in USA

There are some no deposit bonuses that don’t require a wagering limit. These are very special bonuses and very difficult to obtain.

Typically, there is only one no deposit bonus per account and on some occasions it is only one no deposit bonus per household depending on how strict the online casinos are. If you manage to create two accounts, then the online casino will likely close the second account created.

It is most definitely worth claiming. You are not spending a cent getting the deposit as it is completely free. You could end up making a few bucks if you take the no deposit bonus and start winning and meeting the wagering requirements.

There are two ways to get more bonuses. The first is by signing up to several online casinos that offer the bonus and activate it on each of the platforms. Alternatively, if you become a VIP member at one of the casinos you’re more likely to be given a no deposit bonus for spending more at the establishment.

No deposit casino bonuses in USA can be claimed using your mobile device. You may even be eligible for a unique offer on your mobile device even if you have previously claimed a free bonus no deposit on the casino’s desktop version.

The no deposit bonus is not a scam if it is given to you from a well established online casino. You can find these casinos on our website. Do not use any scam casinos for the no deposit bonus as they are likely to steal your details and money.

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