Introduction to Casino Payment Methods in the USA

Regarding that, we have some pretty good news. The regulations of payment options aren’t all that strict, and there are dozens of processors you can quickly use to deposit and withdraw funds with your casino account. Of course, there are specific payment methods that almost every US citizen uses daily. However, do you know that the same can be used to fund your gambling endeavors and withdraw your winnings eventually?

For example, you probably have a credit card from American Express or a PayPal eWallet for processing your day-to-day transactions. These are two of the most popular methods gamblers in the USA constantly use, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, we will dive deep into the casino payment method scenery in the USA, revealing all the available options for players and how they can use them without any issues. Ready to learn something valuable today at CasinoReviews? Let’s dive straight into it.

Credit and Debit Cards

Undoubtedly, credit and debit cards are the most widespread payment method in the USA and worldwide. After all, do you know anyone without at least one of the two cards? Moreover, in the modern world nowadays, an online banking presence is required, and everyone likes to use credit and debit cards as they are effortless to manage various payments.


How Do They Work?

By utilizing these cards’ security and time efficiency, you can use them for seamless payments to almost every casino in the USA. The only thing you have to do is register your card details into your casino account once. After that, you can make deposits and withdrawals in seconds. Furthermore, as for your security, the leading online casino sites use the latest encryption technologies to ensure your details and funds remain protected.


How Quick Are the Credit and Debit Cards Transactions?

Credit and debit cards are one of the universal payment methods in the online gambling industry. In other words, no matter which card you use, the transactions’ time is very similar. So, processing these payments will always depend on how quickly the particular US casino can arrange them. For deposits, you can always expect to receive the funds in your casino account instantly. And there almost aren’t any exceptions to this rule. As for withdrawals with debit and credit cards, they usually take around three business days.


Available Options

In the last few years, numerous companies have been created that provide some kind of unique credit and debit cards. But for the most part, you will probably be using a card from Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.


Pros & Cons

  • Accepted in most US casinos
  • Instant access to your funds through ATMs worldwide>
  • Great security
  • Can be used 24/7
  • Withdrawal time can reach up to 5 business days in some US casino
  • Some transactions might come with attached fees (up to 10-13%)


eWallets and Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards and eWallets are among the easiest payment methods you can actively use for online gambling in the USA. In some cases, they can be better than credit and debit cards, primarily based on the various players’ preferences.


How Do They Work?

You can think of prepaid cards as a slip you use only once to fund your account in a particular online casino. Although this is mostly the case with this method, some of the biggest financial companies, like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more, provide unique prepaid cards you can repeatedly fund.


But the process becomes a bit more challenging, which is why most players prefer to use standard prepaid cards. You can buy them from almost every physical store, just stating the amount you want to deposit into the card.


The eWallets are electronic wallets from which you can distribute funds to different individuals, companies, and, of course, online casinos. These wallets are usually used by players who don’t necessarily want to link their bank account to a particular online casino. And on top of that, these wallets come with some additional benefits.


How Quick Are the Prepaid Cards and eWallets Transactions?

The deposits with prepaid cards and eWallets are always instant. Most of the time, they even come with zero processing fees, which is something to note. However, one of the significant disadvantages of prepaid cards is that you can’t use them for withdrawals.


But that’s where the eWallets come in handy for most players in the USA. They can deposit with a prepaid card and direct any withdrawal to their personal eWallet. The main difference here is that withdrawals to eWallets are usually processed in 24 hours, which is quicker than the transaction time of most other payment methods.


Available Options

We already mentioned some prepaid cards you can use, but we will add some eWallets that offer these cards simultaneously: PayPal, Skrill, EcoCard, and Neosurf. These unique companies provide both the service of standard prepaid cards and eWallets, and you can easily use both for a seamless payment process in most US casinos.


Pros & Cons

  • Instant deposits
  • No personal data provided
  • Lower fees
  • Withdrawals with eWallets are processed in 24 hours
  • No prepaid cards withdrawals are available
  • You can’t claim standard bonus offers


Pay by Phone

Whether you want to use the services of a bank account, credit card, or eWallet, you should always go through a lengthy verification process where you must submit various documents, including tons of personal information. Once you pay an online casino with any of these methods, you immediately become known to the company that operates the platform too.


Although your data is secured and protected on these sites, you can understand why some players might be a bit reserved regarding that. But in the last few years, another way of quickly depositing into online casinos is steadily growing in popularity. That’s the so-called Pay by Phone feature.


How Does It Work?

As its name suggests, Pay by Phone is a deposit method where you can fund your casino account with your phone number. This might sound a bit sketchy, but the process is very straightforward once you go through it. First, you must find a casino that supports Pay by Phone deposits.


Most of the leading US online casinos are open to that. Then, you should select the amount you want to deposit and provide the casino with your phone number. After receiving an SMS containing a few digits code, you have to enter it on the casino’s website. And you will be all set! But you might be wondering how you pay for that deposit. It’s simple, the amount of your deposit will just be added to the phone bill you have to pay next month. Pretty cool, right?


How Quick Are the Pay by Phone Transactions?

Another benefit of Pay by Phone transactions is that they are instant. But, of course, we are talking exclusively about deposits, as withdrawals aren’t available through this payment method.


After all, it would become an issue if you could request a withdrawal of $2,000 to a phone bill of just $100. However, there are some rumors online that these companies are working hard on providing their customers with Pay by Phone withdrawal options in the future.


Available Options

Undoubtedly, the Pay by Phone deposit is pretty straightforward, but you must join one of the services that provide this kind of service before heading to the online casino of your choice. Currently, there are a few top-rated Pay by Phone services in the USA, including Boku, Zimpler, and Payforit.


Pros & Cons

  • No deposit fees in most US casinos
  • Easy to use
  • No personal data is provided to online casinos
  • Can be used for other daily transactions
  • No withdrawals available
  • Challenging to monitor spending unless your monthly bill comes



There is hardly a hotter payment tool than cryptocurrencies at the moment. And we aren’t referring only to the world of online casinos but also other sectors. The so-called digital currencies are believed to be the successor of traditional fiat money, which is why they are steadily becoming widely available even among major US companies like Microsoft, AT&T and even popular food chains like Burger King or Subway.


Even with mass adoption like this, most US states don’t allow US online casinos to accept payments with cryptocurrencies. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this innovative payment tool for your transactions in the platforms that allow the use of crypto. Undoubtedly, the leading US online casinos will begin to accept cryptocurrency transactions, but this will be in the future.


How Do They Work?

You must have your own crypto wallet to hold cryptocurrency and make payments with this method. This wallet is like a vault where you have all your holdings. And it can only be accessed by using a unique code. There are physical and digital crypto wallets, so choosing the one that would fit your preferences best makes sense.


For online casino gambling in the USA, we recommend getting a digital wallet or creating an account in a major cryptocurrency exchange. Once equipped with an account in a crypto exchange, you just need to buy some crypto and you will be ready to make your first transaction with digital currency. This happens a lot like a standard deposit transaction. You go to the casino’s payment section, choose crypto, copy the unique address of the casino, put this address in your wallet, and select the amount you want to send.


How Quick Are the Cryptocurrency Transactions?

If you are a player who values the quickness of transactions the most, cryptocurrencies will by far be your best alternative to traditional payments. However, even here, there is an interesting controversy. Out of all the payment methods we described today, cryptocurrency is the only one where you will have to wait for your deposit funds to hit your casino account, even if this is usually a few minutes. The reason is the unique blockchain network on which these digital currencies rely.


As this network is not controlled by any organizations but rather by the connected users, each payment must be automatically approved by at least a few. And it takes some time. However, this is also a significant benefit for your cryptocurrency withdrawals. That’s because the processing time of your crypto withdrawal from an online casino in the USA will be the same as your deposit. Or in other words, this will usually take you a few minutes. And currently, there isn’t any other payment method where you can withdraw your funds so quickly.


Available Options

Cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new financial instrument, which is why you will find that most online casinos in the USA offer only a handful of them. This means you can use only some of the most famous digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and maybe a few more.



As you can see, payment processing is not challenging in the online gambling world. Some platforms offer dozens of banking options, and you pretty much have the freedom to choose whatever works best for you. Whether buying a prepaid card from the gas station on your way to work, funding your casino account from your debit card in the comfort of your home, or even trying out a cryptocurrency transaction for the first time.


It would be best to return and re-read the information we provided so that you can choose the most suitable payment method for your situation. As you learned, prepaid cards and Pay by Phone are best for deposits, while e-wallets and crypto are the most straightforward for withdrawals. The opportunities are limitless. And we haven’t even covered all of the payment methods of this extensive industry. So, stay tuned for our next informative article on the topic.



FAQs About Online Casino Payments

The exciting gambling activity won’t directly impact your credit score unless you begin missing payments because of it. So, you better ensure this won’t happen.
Yes, you will always have to pay taxes on your winnings. But exactly how much depends on the state where you reside. It’s always best to consult with an expert on the topic to get aware of your situation.
The recommended casinos you can find here at CasinoReviews always have a 24/7 customer support team to resolve your issues quickly.
If you need to do this, the various online casinos have active tools to help you block any deposits to their platforms.