Skrill Casinos in USA — Payment Method Overview

Created back in 2001 under its first name Moneybookers, not many people knew that Skrill would turn out to be one of the best online payment processors in the world. Currently, the UK-based company operates in over 100 countries in 40+ currencies. But, of course, this includes the USA. Skrill is not all that popular in the USA because of the direct competition of PayPal, the preferred eWallet in the country. Still, the battle between the two companies continues in full force, trying to take a more significant part of the market.


Generally, one of the benefits of Skrill is that most online casinos widely accept it. But this component is completely demolished in the USA because most US platforms prefer to use PayPal. As a result, only a few of the best online casinos in the country accept Skrill. But even that’s subject to the individual state where you reside. So, for example, even though the service is available in BetMGM, this is not the case in all states where this casino is legal. But is it worth chasing a payment method like Skrill across the US online casinos that actually accept it? Let’s find out.

Skrill Casinos


  • Banking Type - E-Wallet
  • Deposit Time - Under 15 Minutes
  • Withdrawal Time - Around 24 Hours
  • Fees - None
  • Visit the Skrill website

Skrill Summary

To sum it up, Skrill is a reliable, convenient and safe casino payment method. It is available in several countries, including America, and is fully available for online gambling. Its robust security features make it ideal for this venture.

Other Casino Payment Methods

Online Casino Skrill America

How does Skrill work?

Skrill is an eWallet, which means the company has a platform where you join by linking your bank account and debit cards. This quickly removes the personal data factor from all your payments with Skrill online, providing you with a top-notch level of privacy and security. But Skrill has some specifics you have to know before considering using it for your online gambling transactions.


Skrill Deposit and Withdrawal Times

Unlike many other payment methods, Skrill casino deposit and withdrawal times are pretty fast. Making a deposit using the payment method takes fewer than 15 minutes to complete. Withdrawal on the other hand takes around 24 hours. That is one of the obvious reasons why it’s popular among online casino players. Withdrawal from Skrill to your local bank account is also fast. Skrill processes requests within two to five business days.


Skrill Casino Payment Limit

Online casinos that accept Skrill as a payment option permit players to make both small and large deposits. Skrill does this to cater to players of all bankroll sizes. The lowest amount that many Skrill casinos permit is $10, which is pretty small. There is also a withdrawal limit, but it varies from casino to casino. So it is essential to check for this information before signing up.

Top 5 online casinos that accept Skrill

Skrill has been a popular payment method for the gambling scene for a while now. As such, you’ll find several online casinos that accept it. However, some of them stand out. They have better bonus offers, above-average customer service and several other commendable features. Such include:

Why Skrill casinos are so popular

Skrill has greatly changed how Canadians gamble online. You no longer have to wait long before your online casino Skrill deposit reflects in your account. If you’ve verified your casino account, withdrawing from a Skrill casino will be a walk in the park. Online casinos that accept Skrill are also safe. You won’t need to provide any bank information when depositing or withdrawing from these casinos. This explains why they are so popular in Canada.


Pros and Cons


  • The most popular online gambling payment method outside of the USA
  • Holding a European e-Money license to operate globally
  • Gambling deposits and withdrawals have no fees
  • Withdrawals processed in less than 24 hours
  • High withdrawal limits


  • Only a few US casinos accept Skrill as a payment method
  • Withdrawing funds to your bank account or card is a subject to a $5.50 fee


Why Should I Use Neteller at an Online Casino?

Neteller is one of the OGs of the casino payment realm. One key benefit of using Neteller for casino payments is that so many of the best operators accept it. This means you can be more discerning when selecting a site.


Piece of Mind

With the numerous encryptions, SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, and other Skrill features, you can be assured that your data and funds aren’t exploitable online. That’s because the Skrill system is constructed in a way, so these details simply don’t make contact with the online world. This will give you great piece of mind, allowing you to enjoy your gambling experience much more freely.


Easier Cryptocurrency Transactions

Skrill has an integrated cryptocurrency exchange where you can quickly buy some of the most famous digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. You can even convert some of your Skrill account balance into those cryptocurrencies and send them directly to another crypto address. Although this service is currently limited in the USA, it can theoretically be used to deposit into the best online casinos in the country via digital currencies.


A Great Prospect For Future Gambling Payments in the US

With PayPal being the most recognized payment method for gambling in the USA, numerous Skrill users are left hanging. However, with this stunt, sooner or later, American online casinos will realize they are losing potential customers. And considering the fantastic features and how easy it is to use Skrill, it won’t be a surprise if the US platforms begin to integrate it into their sites.


Skrill Casinos US Review


Skrill is the most popular eWallet for online gambling transactions worldwide, mainly because of the constant improvement of its service and integration of various features. What Skrill offers is always getting better, as they have recently introduced an integrated cryptocurrency exchange and payments with digital currencies.

With this processor’s advanced security and quick payments, it’s no wonder why most gamblers prefer to use it even more often than PayPal. So, although only a handful of online casinos in the USA accept Skrill, this will probably change in the near future.



Most sites don’t charge for deposits, but be aware that a few of them do. Also, understand that Skrill charges fees for certain transactions.

You will find that Skrill deposits qualify for most bonus offers. Just be sure to check the bonus’ terms and conditions for confirmation.

The best online casinos support a wide range of payment options including eWallets, credit/debit cards, prepaid options, and online banking. Some even accept cryptocurrency.