The Best Paying Online Casinos In USA 2022

Choosing which is the best paying online casino can be a difficult task, luckily for you, we have gathered the best paying casinos for US players right here! We evaluate these casinos based on things such as payment methods, payment delivery, payment percentage, game libraries, bonuses, customer support, and other features.

What is an Instant Play Casino?

Instant play casinos, also known as a no-download casino sites, are a type of gaming platform that is 100% browser-based. Instead of relying on complicated and space-consuming gaming software that has to be installed on your device, you can play directly from the browser, which makes them ideal for players who like to keep their devices nice and clean or simply don’t want to be bothered with installations and updates. Convenience is key, which we will explain next.

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What are the benefits of Instant Play Casinos?

We have already tackled some advantages of instant online casinos, but let’s put it all together in a neat list of instant play casino benefits:

  • Easy setup – if you know how to use the internet, you will know how to access instant US casinos. It’s that easy!
  • No updates – thanks to cloud technologies, you never have to approve of any updates or new versions, and we all know such technicalities happen when you are in a hurry.
  • The variety of games – instant US casino sites have a much wider variety of games than download platforms, which makes them far more appealing and entertaining.
  • User-friendliness – instant play casinos are simply more direct and more user-friendly.


Bonuses at an Instant Play Casino

Created to help you play more than you could with just your deposit, bonuses are a total must-have at any instant play US casino. Here are some of the popular types you can find.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit casino bonus is the type of deal you get after registering, and as you would guess, there is no top-up required. The bonus is usually in the form of free spins and is only really used for new customers. One thing to keep in mind is that wagering requirements tend to be higher.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is created to show appreciation for new users who have made a deposit. It can be a one-time deal or a bonus package spread across multiple deposits. Furthermore, the casino may choose to make it in the form of a deposit match or add some spins on top.

Reload/Deposit Bonus

Reloads or deposit bonuses are the types of deal that rewards the player who is no longer eligible for the welcome bonus. The main forms the deposit bonus takes are free spins and deposit matches, albeit lower than what you find in the welcome bonus.

Free Spins

Free spins can be a part of a bigger offer or stand alone as a special deal. They are mostly available only on selected games and sometimes even just one slot title chosen by the casino. One thing to know about them is that they usually come with a short expiry, so play them quick!

Tournaments and Special Events

Instant play casinos often organize different events, motivating players to enjoy a selected range of games in return for a grand prize pot. Available for a limited time only and often quite challenging, they are ideal for players who don’t mind some light-hearted competition.

Rewards Program

A rewards or loyalty program is a bonus scheme that awards points for each bet or hand you play. Each time you wager a specific amount, the casino adds points to your account. Points can later be exchanged for bonuses, discounts, room upgrades, retail vouchers, and much more!


Our Top 3 Recommended Instant Play Casinos in the US

The team introduces you to three top-rated instant play US casinos.


  • Caesars – just like the Roman Empire under Caesar’s reign, Caesars instant online casino is massive and has all sorts of treasures hiding on its platform. Whether it is cool games, attractive bonuses, or excellent customer support, it is one of those places that tries to add a bit of sparkle on top of every session.
  • BetMGM – this gaming veteran is another brand leaving its mark in the world of instant Us online casinos. With both sports betting and casino gaming being available, it is a number one destination for all gamers who like to mix and match. Plus, its bonus rules are some of the best on the market.
  • FanDuel – what started off as a sports platform turned into one of the best sports and instant casino platforms in the US. FanDuel is simply superb and delivers a great variety of games, sports, and bonuses to keep you entertained for as long as you want.




Pros and Cons of Instant Play Casinos

To help you understand instant US online casinos better, the CasinoReviewers team created a useful pros and cons list.


  • easy to use
  • an enormous variety of games
  • instant access on all devices
  • safety at licensed sites
  • a wider selection of bonuses


  • experience dependable on internet speed
  • security concerns when playing on public wi-fi
  • gaming can result in high phone bills


Instant Play Casinos vs. Download Casinos

The biggest difference between instant play and download casinos is in the way they are set up. While instant play casinos require nothing but a browser, if you choose to play at a download casino, you will have to download, install, and occasionally update the gaming interface. Sounds like a hassle to us! Furthermore, instant casinos are supported by all operating systems (yes, even Linux), while download casinos focus predominantly on Windows users. Even so, Windows users may expect some difficulties with their download casinos, depending on the device they are using.

Safety and Security of Instant Play Casinos

Instant play US casinos are, generally speaking, very safe. Yet, we at are always honest and won’t run away from the fact there are some specific times when certain concerns step into the spotlight. As long as you are playing connected to your home network or using mobile data, you will be fine as you would be on any other non-casino site.

What games can you play at an Instant Play Casino?

The selection of games at any instant US casino is always a positive factor! We would even go as far as to say that it is better than at any download casino, simply because more game providers choose to go instant these days. All instant play casinos featured at support a wide range of casino games by top-rated content providers. Spin the reels on slots, play the ever-popular table games, or choose the most realistic online option there is – live casino. You can also scratch a few cards, play a few Slingo or bingo games, or simply head over to the sports section to see if there are any betting opportunities in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, or whatever sport you enjoy.

Payment Methods at an Instant Play Casino

In order to play at instant US casinos, you will need to top up your account with real money. All casinos we recommend come with plenty of options, so we’ll list the most common ones for you.

Banking Cards

Banking cards are one of the most common and reliable methods in the world of instant casino gaming. Use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or any other available option to top up and withdraw. Cards usually take longer to cash out and may come with a fee attached.


Bank Wire & Cheques

Bank wire money transfers and cheques are considered to be relics of the past by some gamers, yet there are also some who won’t give up on them. Expensive and slow, they are far less popular than other methods, but you know – to each their own.


E-wallets & Online Payments

E-wallets and online payment platforms, such as Venmo and Neteller, are gaining momentum in the popularity and convenience stakes! Easy, cheap, and fast, they are the most popular payment method at instant casinos in the US.


instant play casinos


Types of Instant Play Casinos

Not all instant US casinos are created the same. At first glance, they all might look very similar, but it is the technology behind them that makes them different. The three most common ones are HTML5, Java, and Adobe Flash, but we understand if that doesn’t mean much to you. Again, we will help you by breaking them apart bit by bit, so you can see what they are made of.


HTML5 Instant Casinos

HTML5 instant casinos are currently dominating the market and have done so for several years now. The main advantage of HTML5 is that it is sturdy enough to be reliable, yet light enough to be used on any device, and there is no need for any special apps either.

Java Instant Casinos

Java instant play casinos are gaining in popularity. Although HTML5 is the main go-to for developers, the number of companies relying on Java is still growing. Java’s main advantage is its flexibility, granting easy access across all devices, which is what instant play is all about.

Adobe Flash Instant Casinos

Constant crashing, endless grey pages, and troubles on every corner – sounds like Flash to us! What was once revolutionary is now a thing of the past, and considering the unreliability of the programming language, we are surprised it wasn’t ditched faster than its official demise in 2020.


Should I play at an Instant US Casino?

Keep in mind that, ultimately, the choice is all yours, but that won’t stop us from informing you about all the benefits of instant play casinos. Most major brands on the market no longer support download versions anyway. Also, instant gaming sites are as safe as download platforms if you adhere to the basic casino rules of safe internet use. Instant US online casinos are ideal for players who care less about technology and more about convenience, with the latest games right at their fingertips. If you are one of those players, take a leap of faith, and head down the instant casino path for modern gaming entertainment.



Designed to provide fast and easy gaming to all types of casino players, instant play casinos are within your reach, and the CasinoReviewers team will help you find the best of the bunch! Download casinos are becoming a thing of the past, and we think the sooner you accept it, the better. We hope that with our suggestions, you will soon start realizing the convenience and modern entertainment that comes with the best US instant online casinos.

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Instant US Casinos FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about instant online casinos.

Yes, but only as long as they follow fair business practices and hold a proper license. At, you can find plenty of safe brands operating by the book.
Generally speaking, the most common kind of instant play online casinos are HTML5 casinos. Another popular option is the Java casino interface.
Yes, they do, but their number is getting lower day by day and can be considered a rarity. Since January 2021, Adobe has no longer supported Flash, causing many instant casino brands to switch to HTML5 or Java.
The best instant play casinos are those that are safe, regulated, and operate transparently. They should have a rich library of games, a solid selection of bonuses, as well as good customer support.
Yes, they do. All US casinos, including instant US casinos, must operate under the license provided by the local authority. At, we promote only safe and licensed brands.
New online casinos provide considerable benefits over more seasoned casinos due to the fact that they have cutting-edge software, games, and banking methods. Mobile access, advanced casino tools, and a user-friendly design are all common features at a new gaming site.