How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Online casino bonuses appeared at the same time as online casinos. Yet, there are still plenty of players who are perplexed by the fact such offers even exist. So, how do online casino bonuses work, and are they really as good as they seem?

The answer to the question above will be highly determined by the online casino and the offer you pick. In this article, the CasinoReviewers team will explain everything there is about the hottest casino topic of them all! Find out what a casino bonus is, what kind of deals you’ll be able to find out there, and what makes a bonus worthy of your time and money.

What is a Casino Bonus?

An online casino bonus is a special marketing incentive that attracts customers to the online casino by providing them with additional funds to play with. Marketing teams across the globe go high and low to create attractive bonus offers, all in the hope the player will pick their casino.

Although bonus deals might sound like free cash from the casino, that is not how online casino bonuses work. All casino promotions come with bonus terms (more on that later) and must be played by the book. Otherwise, you’ll see them fly away from your account just as easily as they landed in it.

Finally, we want to remind all members of our CasinoReviewers community never to redeem bonuses in casinos that don’t live up to the standard. Before grabbing a deal, make sure to get to know your casino and its terms of use before you agree to any bonus money or free spins.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Every single bonus has its own modus operandi. The easiest way to figure out how online casino bonuses work is to learn about all the different kinds of bonuses on the market. Our team listed all the basic types of deal one might encounter in online casinos, but be aware of the fact operators get wildly creative when it comes to their promo sections.

Even so, most offers out there can fall into one of the categories listed below or are a combo of multiple deals we mention. You see, this is why it is so important to do your homework.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

The no-deposit casino bonus is probably the most attractive deal of them all, as it will land in your balance without being triggered by a deposit. So, for this type of deal, how do online casino bonuses work in practice?

The player has to sign up and occasionally use a simple bonus code to activate the offer. The casino immediately adds the bonus to your balance, usually a set of free spins or a small free bet.

No deposit bonuses, however, tend to come with a higher wagering requirement, and the cashout is often allowed only after the first deposit has been made.

Welcome Bonus

This is where things get interesting. Although not every online casino will support you with a no-deposit bonus, almost every single one of them will spoil you with a welcome deal.

To understand how online casino bonuses work, it is important to know they are triggered by the first deposit you make. The fact that you make a financial commitment allows the operator to be far more generous. Sometimes, they will even spread the welcome bonus across multiple deposits, thus creating a stunning welcome package!

Welcome bonus offers are available only for first-time depositors and sometimes have to be redeemed a couple of days after the signup.

Free Spins Bonus

The free spins bonus offer is a very attractive one and appeals to slot fans who can’t get enough of reels, quirky characters, bonus features, and mesmerizing effects. Just as the name implies, it boils down to playing slot machines.

What makes these free spins deals more intriguing than others is that they are often tossed into other bonuses, just for good measure. Occasionally, you’ll find them as stand-alone bonuses, often available only on selected days of the week.

If there is one thing to take away about free spins, it should be that the casino will most likely pick the games on which you can play your bonus.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a very popular type of bonus, but unlike the welcome one, it is reserved for players who have been playing at a casino for quite a while. This is essentially how online casino bonuses work for deposit-based deals.

Sooner or later, you’ll play your welcome bonus, but you won’t stay empty-handed. Although not as massive as the welcome promo, a deposit bonus is often available to claim throughout the month.

Other Types of Bonuses

In addition to the ones above, the casino may also offer you cashback deals, seasonal offers and events, special competitions, challenges, and all other fun stuff you can imagine. The best way to learn how online casino bonuses work is to check out their bonus rules.

How to Claim Casino Bonuses?

Claiming a casino bonus is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Literally! Most bonuses are redeemed as so:

  1. 1. Sign up with a casino and opt-in for any offers
  2. 2. Make a deposit and enter the bonus code if necessary.
  3. 3. Enjoy your favorite games!

Most casinos will add the bonus to your balance instantly. If that doesn’t happen after 15 minutes or so, make sure to reach out to support.

Casino Bonus Rules Explained

The most important aspect of how online casino bonuses work comes down to bonus terms. Bonus terms can be best defined as a set of rules that determine your rights and obligations during the bonus play. Rules can be found next to the offer, but the casino may also pick to have one universal set of conditions for all the deals and list them within the terms and conditions.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind:

  • Bonus amount – how much bonus money, free spins or cashback you get
  • Minimum deposit – the amount required to claim the deal
  • Bonus wagering requirement – how many times you have to wager the bonus
  • Deadlines – the time you have available for bonus play
  • Contributing games – titles that add to the rollover
  • Maximum cashout – the maximum amount you can withdraw from bonus play
  • Maximum win – the highest win you can achieve during the bonus play
  • Maximum bet – the highest bet you can play

Got that? Great. Then let’s see how online casino bonuses work in terms of bonus codes and wagering requirements.

What is a Bonus Code?

A bonus code is a set of symbols, words, letters and/or numbers, sometimes used at online casinos to trigger a bonus. Not every casino has them, but it is best to double-check before signing up. If you miss the opportunity to apply it on time, you won’t be able to do so later on, and your chances of playing with that particular deal will be zero.

What is a Wagering Requirement and How Does It Work?

All right, everyone out there, pay close attention because this is more important than anything. The bonus wagering requirement, also known as rollover, is a multiplier number displaying how many times you have to play the bonus before being eligible for a cashout. The rollover number that is considered fair is between x30 and x40. The lower the wagering requirement, the better.

If all this is confusing, no worries. We’ll explain how online casino bonuses work with a little help from a simple example. Let’s say you deposited $20 and got a 100% deposit bonus. You have $40 available for play, and the wagering requirement is x30.

If the bonus rules say you have to wager only the bonus, you must place bets in a total value of $600 because $20 x 30 = 600.

If the bonus rules say you have to wager bonus and deposit, you must place a total value of $1,200 in bets. Why? Because ($20+ $20)x30 = $1,200.

As you can see, there is some math involved, but nothing that would require a calculator.

How To Pick The Right Bonus?

Now that you know how online casino bonuses work, you are ready to embark on the more fun part of the experience. The CasinoReviewers team created a simple set of tips and tricks that can bring a whole world of top-rated casino entertainment.

  • Play with a safe and reliable casino.
  • Don’t be impressed by the bonus amounts.
  • Read bonus terms before accepting any deal.
  • The fair wagering requirement is up to x40.
  • Never deposit more than you can afford.
  • Keep track of deadlines. If it seems reaching it on time will be tricky, skip it.

On top of all this, make sure to stay responsible and use all the safe gaming tools available to you. As always, the CasinoReviewers team continues to encourage responsible gaming.