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There are several USA online casinos offering free spins bonuses to both new and existing players. Within this article we will go through everything you need to know about free spins, from how to use them, to the generic wagering requirements needed for withdrawals, and the best online casinos to get your free spins from. We have conducted in-depth research on numerous American casinos to bring you top USA casino spin promotions.

What Exactly are Free Spins?

Free spins is a bonus where players are given spins on slot machines to either promote the game or an incentive to start or carry on playing. Online casinos prefer to keep their players tuned in and provide new games. A large bulk of the games available at online casinos are taken up by slot machines, with 48% of online gamblers playing slots. Alongside this, free spin does not cost the online casinos much to hand out, and provides a great way to keep players engaged with the games.


The great thing about the free spins bonus is that you won’t lose any money as you have paid for the spins. The only way is up from here, as all you can do is start winning with the free spins. This makes them appealing to players and attracts a large number of new players every month.

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How Do Free Spins work?

The free spin bonus is one of the easiest to use. Once activated, the bonus won’t show up randomly on players balances at the top, as they’re not in dollars. Instead, the free spins will automatically show up in the game. When you open up the game, a screen shows up explaining that free spins will be used and how many you have available for use. The amount of free spins available are displayed near the bottom of the gaming interface in bold colors.


Most online casinos will provide users with anywhere between 10 – 150 free spins, depending on if it’s a part of the welcome bonus or if they are airdropped to accounts. Typically, free spins are only usable within specified casino games and users should check which games these are. This can be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus.


The value of each free spin is set to the lowest number for most online casinos. This means most spins are valued at $0.01 per spin. This number can vary at the online casino’s discretion. With a much lower valued spins, this means winning on normal games is much lower. Nevertheless, players can still win more than $10 with one spin if they get the right images within the alignments.


Wagering Requirements of Free Spins

The main wagering requirements for funds won in free spins to turn into withdrawable money ranges between 20X – 50X. This is heavily dependent on the online casino. Typically, smaller establishments will have harder requirements over larger casinos. The wagering requirements are pre-set and are available to find within the terms and conditions. We recommend reading over the conditions, so you are aware of the values needed to complete the requirements.

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Maximum Wins

There are no set maximum wins with the free spins bonus. There have been cases where players enter some jackpot games with their free spins and end up winning more than $100k out of nowhere.


Expiration Time of the Bonus

The expiration date of a bonus is something to look out for. The time can vary between 30 – 90 days depending on the online casino. The minimum wagering multiplier needs to be completed before the expiration date if you’d like to withdraw the funds. If the multiplier is not met by the expiration date, then the bonus is removed and any funds won with it are also forfeited.


Restrictions on Games

There are a few restrictions for the free spins bonus. Sometimes the online casino will allow you to use the free spins on specific games. These tend to be newer games for promotion purposes. Other times they can only be used on normal games and not jackpot games. So ensure to read up the terms on which games the free spins can be used on. It will vary depending on the online casino.


Betting Limits

On occasions, some online casinos will set a maximum betting limit per day on funds acquired through bonuses. This is done to reduce the chances of the player from reaching the wagering multiplier. These limits vary between establishments and should be taken into consideration when trying to reach the requirements. Once the limit is hit then any funds gambled after this won’t be added to the wagering multiplier for the day and you’ll have to wait 24 hours for things to refresh.


An Example of How a Wagering Requirement Works

Let’s establish that you’ve won 150 free spins and each spin is worth $0.10. This means you’ve got a total of $15 worth of spins to play with. Let’s also say that the wagering requirements is set to 20X the value of spins you’ve been awarded.


To withdraw the funds you’ll need to wager 20 x $15 which equals to $300. However, the story doesn’t end here. The winnings made by the free spins aren’t used to meet the wagering requirements. Let’s say you win $20 on the slots using the free spins. You will have to further gamble the $20 and bet it up to a total of $300 to be able to withdraw.


Our Top 3 Recommended Spins Casino Bonuses

Choosing the best casinos for your free spins deposit can be overwhelming. This reason is that bonus terms of use differ from one casino to the other. For that reason, we’ve put together a list of three of the best free spins casino bonuses available at online casinos.



How Do I Claim Free Spins?

Our top online free spins casinos for 2022 provide new players with a fixed number of spins to use on some of their most popular slots. It’s simple to get your next spins bonus by following these three simple steps:

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There are two main ways the free spins bonus can be claimed, including:


  • Random Airdrop
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Bonus Codes


The random airdrop requires you to do nothing, as the free spins will randomly show up in your account when you least expect it. A point of advice, if you are inducted into a VIP program then you’re more likely to receive a free airdrop and getting into the VIP program is usually instant when you sign up to online casinos. The higher up in the program you go the bigger and better the free spins bonus will become.


The welcome bonus generally comes in the form of a package. Within this package is the free spins bonus. There are two ways this part of the bonus can work. The online casino can decide to give you the free spins instantly as you sign up. Alternatively, you may be required to make a minimum deposit of $5 – $10 to activate the entire welcome bonus which will also include the free spins. If you need to make a deposit to claim the bonus, then follow the next steps:


  • Open up the deposit section.
  • Select the welcome bonus, which includes the free spins bonus
  • Select the minimum amount needed to activate the bonus
  • Check that the values are right and press the confirm button
  • The funds will reach your account instantly and the free spins will be activated with the remaining parts of the welcome bonus


There is also the option to use bonus codes to activate the free spins. Some online casinos let you apply the code within the deposit module or within the bonus part of the website. Typically, these bonuses are only for one time use, until a new code is provided. If you are aiming to use this code ensure that it is still active. These codes have an expiry date and old codes will not work when added to the system.


How to Use Free Spins?

Once you’ve activated the free spain it’s time to start gaming and using them up for a chance to win some bucks! Ideally you’ll want to use your free spins on games that provide the highest returns. Overall slots provide some of the least returns hence why the online casinos provide spins for free. The slot games with highest returns can be located after the 2nd page of games as they’re more hidden away. So once you’ve selected your games and it has opened up you can follow next few steps:


  • Begin by accepting the terms that you’ll be using free spins
  • Free spins will appear in your wallet account
  • Begin playing and using all of the spins
  • Once all spins are used an icon will come up
  • Here onwards spins used will be paid for at your selected rate




The free spins bonus is one of the most popular bonuses that are available at online casinos. With this being said, they are easy to obtain as not much is required to activate the bonus. On most occasions the free spins are automatically credited to your account and on others they are part of a welcome bonus. It should be noted that slots is the number 1 game players like to play at online casinos and this bonus is given out more than others. Like all bonuses there are still wagering limits required to withdraw the funds and have been mentioned within the review. So if you’re aiming to claim online free bonuses ensure to select the trustiest link provided here at Casino Reviews US.

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Free Spins Bonus FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about free spins bonuses in USA

Free spins are not real money spins. They are however an equivalent and if you win on the slots the money will be credited to your account. However, you will need to meet the wagering requirements to withdraw it.

The answer is in the question. These are free spins awarded to players on a daily basis. This bonus is usually given to people who deposit daily or are VIP members.

These are codes that can be applied during the depositing process. The codes are used to activate the bonus once the deposit is made. Each code only has a one time use and cannot be used again.

This is one of the most special free spin bonuses as there are no wagering requirements applied for any funds won.

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