Best US Live Blackjack Casinos 2022

Blackjack has been around for quite a long time, and it’s not surprising that it has gained a lot of attention in the gaming industry. More developers continue to introduce different Blackjack variations, giving players a chance to enjoy the game.

What is Online Live Blackjack?

Blackjack is easy to play, and if you’re familiar with the rules, it shouldn’t be difficult winning at it. Live Blackjack works the same way as the regular game, but the only difference is you’re playing live. People love the live version because it allows them to try their hands with other players instead of playing with the computer. To win at Blackjack, you need to be the first to score 21 or close to this number.


Advantages of Live Online Blackjack

There’s a reason why the demand for live Blackjack is high, and that’s because the game is very entertaining. You only need to try it out for the first time, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. You will especially appreciate the experience when you play this game at the best live Blackjack online casinos in the US. Here are some of the benefits of playing live Blackjack online:


It’s Convenient

One of the perks of playing live Blackjack online is that you don’t need to move from wherever you are. You can play this game while on the go and even in your home. Unlike a traditional casino, where you have to drive over to play games. You can play live Blackjack at any time, even when you’re having dinner.

Live Blackjack Casinos US


Fair Games

Another benefit of playing live Blackjack is that the games are probably fair. The best online casinos use RNG technology to prevent any rigging in the game. The random number generator (RNG) randomly selects numbers in the live Blackjack game. In other words, there is no possibility of internal manipulation from the casino.


Real Human Dealer

Unlike the regular Blackjack game, where the dealer is the system, live Blackjack takes place in a real casino. The dealers are real people working at the casino, and you can communicate with them. You can view the professional dealer via the live stream and see how they look. This makes the game really interesting since you’re not just staring at the computer.


You Choose the Dealer

Apart from being able to see the dealer, you can choose your dealer. The online casino will give you the option to pick who you want. Usually, there are several choices you can make. The online casino will allow you to choose the gender of the dealer, their ethnicity and even their dress style.



It’s Safe

Also, playing live Blackjack online is not only fun but safe. You’re not driving out in traffic, or bad weather, so when you look at it this way, it’s safe. Also, if you use a reputable online casino, your information is protected since their site is safe.



It’s Interactive

When you play live Blackjack, you can interact with other players online. Usually, these games have a live chat feature that lets you say anything you want. It’s fun when you can discuss with people while playing this game instead of being by yourself.


What you’ll find at Our Best Online Live Blackjack Casinos

We understand as no other that your Blackjack experience is fully dependent on the quality of the game. You want to immerse yourself in the experience, have a good dealer, and preferably also some fun table guests. As our primary goal is to ensure that our community of players has the best time they possibly can online, we only want to provide you with the best online casinos. That’s why our selection of the bet online live Blackjack casinos will all have a couple of important things in common. You will be sure to receive stunning bonus offers as well as an amazing quality of online games.


Our top selection of Live Online Blackjack casinos have all partnered with the big names in the industry. These include Pragmatic Play, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Besides the vast selection of games, you will be able to play all your favorite game variants. Whether you prefer European or American Blackjack, Buster Blackjack, or Double Attack Blackjack, you’ll find your score!


How We Rate the Best Casinos for Online Blackjack

Before we compiled our list of top-rated online casinos in the US, we took some factors into consideration. We made sure that we gathered every possible information about these casinos. Our decision was based on their game collections, security and even bonuses. We will highlight some of these factors:



The best online casinos are usually licensed, especially by reputable gambling authorities. Some of the trusted licensing bodies include Curacao Gaming Authority, Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. If the casino has any of these licenses, you can trust that they will serve you well.


User Interface and Experience

If you want to enjoy playing live Blackjack, you need an online casino with a reliable gaming platform. First, you don’t want a casino whose games crash all the time. Also, it would be an added benefit if they can offer mobile games. We made sure to look at all of these before selecting our list.


Banking Options

Apart from playing games for fun, players also want to get paid. The best online casinos offering live Blackjack should have flexible payment options for Canadian players. They should offer payment in their local currency and include multiple payment methods on their platform. It would also be great if they could deliver faster payouts.


Customer Service

There are times when players encounter a bottleneck when playing games or using online casinos. It can be frustrating if they don’t get a response on time or can’t contact customer support. The best online casinos provide multiple channels to reach them and are fast to attend to customers. Also, they provide 24 hours customer support to keep their players satisfied.


Live Blackjack on Mobile

We mentioned that the best online casinos have incredible user interfaces. Some even go the extra mile to cater to the needs of mobile players. In recent times, more casinos are developing mobile apps for players who prefer to use their smartphones or tablets. These apps are designed to work on either iOS or Android devices.


However, for casinos without apps, they provide a mobile-friendly site so players can access all their games, including live Blackjack. The mobile site does not in any way tamper with the quality of the games since they are optimized.


VIP Live Blackjack

Another interesting point to note is the VIP live Blackjack offered online. Casino players in the US can take advantage of the benefits that come with the offer. If you’re familiar with online casinos, you’ll know that they offer a lot of incentives. One of them includes a VIP loyalty program.


The VIP bonuses allow you to play some variations of Blackjack. For instance, players can get bonuses for playing these games, especially if they have reached VIP status.


There are many benefits of taking part in the VIP program. Some of them include welcome packages, cashbacks, and other special rewards. There are even some special VIP tables that allow you to place bets with higher stakes.


Live Blackjack US


The Best Software Providers for Live Blackjack

If you’re playing live Blackjack games, you should know the type of games to look out for. There are game providers that stand out from the rest when it comes to delivering high quality games. If you want to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience, you should look for games offered by these developers:


Evolution Gaming

They are a pioneer in the gaming industry and have a reputation for making the best live dealers. Evolution Gaming is an award-winning game developer that has been operating since 2006. They provide HD quality live Blackjack games and film from the best studios.



Playtech is another name to look for when searching for live Blackjack games. Although they are quite popular in the slots category, the developer also has some really great live Blackjack games. They are next to Evolution Gaming because they are the only ones that can compete with them when it comes to high quality live table games.



NetEnt is another big name in the gaming industry. The Swedish company has years of experience when it comes to developing games. They also feature some of the best live Blackjack games that are in demand today. Their game quality is superb, and they have very interesting features in addition to the fantastic gaming experience they offer.


Variations of Live Online Blackjack

Like most table games offered online, Live Blackjack has a lot of variants. So, if you want to try something different from the traditional Blackjack game, you can search for the different variations. Apart from giving a unique gaming experience, it’s more interesting if you have options to choose from. You can choose games with higher risks or volatility, and also games with better payouts.


Here are some of the variations of live Blackjack you can play:



Pontoon is quite different from the classic Blackjack game. The difference is that the cards don’t face up and so you will have to guess what the dealer has while still playing your hand. Also, the game gives a bonus for a five-card hand, but that is if it doesn’t end in a bust. The same rules apply with the regular game, but Pontoon is still quite different in many ways from classic Blackjack.


Spanish 21

You can play this live Blackjack game online too. Spanish 21 has a 48-card deck, and it doesn’t include 10s. In other words, you will be playing with single digit numbers. The same rules apply as the classic Blackjack, which means you can’t exceed 21. If you’re lucky to get the numbers 6-7-8 or triple 7s, you win and not only that, you get a bonus for these matches.


European Blackjack

The European Blackjack game is very similar to the original Blackjack. It is available in both digital and live versions. For this game, only one card faces up until the player runs out of cards. The same rules apply as with the traditional game, so it’s easy to play European Blackjack.


Bet Behind

The European Blackjack game is very similar to the original Blackjack. It is available in both digital and live versions. For this game, only one card faces up until the player runs out of cards. The same rules apply as with the traditional game, so it’s easy to play European Blackjack.


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You can play live Blackjack at the top-rated online casinos we’ve recommended. The casinos are licensed by reputable gaming authorities, and accessible to Canadians. Also, they offer a wide variety of Blackjack games in addition to other online casino games. You can play with others and also use their chat feature to interact with them. There are many benefits of playing at the top-rated online casinos, one of which is the chance to get paid while having fun!


Also, you can be sure that the games are fair and not rigged. These casinos offer high quality games from leading developers. So, why not get started with them today?

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Playing Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a legendary casino game, with its many variations beloved all across the world. Learn the rules for live blackjack in the video below!

Live Blackjack in the US FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about American Live blackjack Casinos

Live Blackjack casinos stream the game from a studio. The tables, dealers, and trained TV hosts are in charge of the game and communicate with the online players.

No, it’s not possible for live dealers to see players. However, players can see the dealers.

The game usually has a chat or talk function, depending on the live Blackjack game. Evolution Gaming usually includes a voice chat feature in their live table games.

You can win at live Blackjack if you reach 21 points first or close to the number.

Yes, it is convenient to play live Blackjack online because you don’t have to drive to a casino. You can play the game on your PC or mobile device.

No, if you play on legitimate, licensed casinos, your games will be fair. The fact that you can see the dealer makes the game more reliable than other online blackjack games, but stick to regulated sites to avoid trouble.

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