Top Online Casino Bonuses in USA 2022

When you make a deposit at an online casino, you may be eligible for the best casino bonus in USA. Indeed, most welcome packages will provide you with a deposit bonus percentage ranging from 100% to 500%. However, to be eligible for this, you must make a minimum deposit of usually around $10. Below you will find the best US online casinos.

All the online casino sites on this page offer the top casino bonuses, regardless of the sort of bonus you’re searching for. These gambling sites also feature the best casino initial deposit bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Mentioned in the introduction, the most common bonuses are the match deposit bonus, free spins, and no deposit bonus. However, there are still more bonuses that can be activated. Players who have gained loyalty points and become VIP members get exclusive bonuses with bigger numbers and entered into bonus raffles


Deposit lotteries are also provided to users who make a deposit. They are automatically drawn into a lottery to win some big bucks! For the high rollers, there are special bonuses for you as well which can really boost your funds. We will go through a deep dive on each of these online casino bonuses that are available to all types of members.



Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is generally a package type of bonus which includes a deposit bonus and free spins. It is a one time exclusive offer to new users who sign up to the online casino, make a deposit and start playing. These bonuses will vary in size across the year depending on how generous the casino managers are feeling.

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Deposit bonuses

The deposit bonus is one which is activated when a deposit is made. The percentages can range from 50% up to 300% and beyond. It is one of the most attractive bonuses as it allows users who deposit $10 to gain anywhere from an extra $5 to a massive $30 on top for free.


No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is opposite to deposit bonus. No deposit is required to get free money from the online casino. They can be provided during the sign-up period and randomly airdropped to lucky members who actively play online. They generally range from $5 – $20 and on occasions can be higher.


Registered Players: VIP bonus & loyalty bonuses

The VIP bonus and loyalty bonus works on a points and tier system. The more points you get, the higher the VIP rank you get. This means bigger bonuses and more exclusive offers. The amount of money you can use within a deposit bonus can go up to more than $1000.


Ranking up is relatively easy. All you need to do is gamble on your favorite games and you’ll acquire points for the VIP board. The more you gamble the higher up the table you go, and as mentioned above the better bonuses you receive.


Deposit Lotteries

The deposit lottery is a bonus where users can deposit funds to their online casino account and be awarded more funds to use on a lottery ticket. An example of this is if you deposit $5 the online casino may award you with a $10 bonus to spend at the lottery.



The Cashback bonus is one designed for people who want to gamble and play with assurance that they will get some money back if they lose. Most cash back bonuses work on a percentage basis, with a low return of 10% to players who lose their funds within games. When you’ve activated this bonus all that’s required is for you to start playing and if you lose the cashback value is sent directly to your account.


So if you deposited $100 and it said they will give you 10% cashback if you lose. Then you’ll get a maximum of $10 back on all of the funds you’ve better for that $100 deposit.

High roller bonuses


A high roller bonus is one which is given to players who make extremely large first bonuses. These users are rewarded with cash rewards or a high match bonus on the amount deposited. High rollers are also inducted straight into the VIP program at most online casinos.


200% casino bonus

The 200% casino bonus is one where if you make a deposit of $10 the online casino will top it up with 2x what you put in. This means you will get $20 on top of your $10 leaving you with $30 to play with. It isn’t always a 200% casino bonus either. On occasions you can get higher percentages of 300% and even 400% for bigger bonuses. That means you’re getting a 3x and 4x on everything you’ve deposited.


This bonus is usually capped on a maximum cash value. So most establishments may say you can have a 200% casino bonus of up to $1000. So you can deposit up to $1000 and play with $2000. Any funds deposited over the $1000 threshold do not have the bonus added to them.

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How to claim a Bonus in the USA 2022

There are a few ways to claim bonuses. The most common method is by checking the box within the deposit interface and making a deposit. This generally activates the deposit chosen. Sign up bonuses are automatic if they are free spins or no deposit bonuses. Any match bonuses during a sign-up require a deposit to be made before they are added. Here are a few steps you can take to activate your bonus;


  • Locate the bonus you would like to use and click on the activate box.
  • You’ll be directed to the deposit section. Here, select the amount you’d like to deposit.(If the deposit section has an icon to select a bonus. Select it now)
  • Press confirm deposit and wait for the funds to appear.
  • Your deposit should not be in your account with any bonuses added.


Some online casinos also have the option to input a bonus code. These codes can be applied within the depositing module or on the bonus page of the online casino. In general these codes have a one time use case and cannot be used again, so keep that in mind when applying them.


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Wagering Requirements

To make any withdrawals of funds won using money acquired from a bonus must align to the strict terms and conditions of the offer. Most online casinos require users to wager by a multiple between 20x and 30x the bonus amount. These required conditions vary at differing online casinos and should be checked before any deposits are made. Alongside the multiplier some online casinos will make it hard for players to withdraw, by setting limits on the amount of money gambled per day, and how much each game contributes to the overall multiplier.


Maximum Win

Bonus winnings are capped at a maximum value to stop users from abusing the bonuses. This value will vary drastically depending on how established the online casino is. A maximum amount is set and can range from a few $100 to a few $1000.


The Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit to activate a bonus is required. This means you can’t deposit $1 to get 100 free spins. Minimum deposits are generally low, within the range of $5 – $10. However, bigger bonuses may require higher deposit amounts.


Restrictions on Payment Methods

Specific payment methods are not available at online casinos in the USA. At the moment, PayPal payments are not accepted within the USA. However, payouts to PayPal can still be made. Crypto payments are also unpopular and unavailable at most of the best new online casinos.


Restrictions on the Game

A few deposits are not allowed at some games. These games are usually the live casino interface or other games which have a higher winning rate than others. This information is located in the terms and conditions of the bonus.


The percentage of money added to the multiplier is also varied between games. Generally 100% of funds gambled are added to the wagering multiplier. When it comes to games such as the live casino blackjack which is easier to win, the percentages begin to decrease. Some online casinos will put a restriction of 10 – 20% contribution to the wagering limit when funds are gambled at live casino games. On some occasions they’ll say that some games have a 0% contribution as well as players can easily gamble on these games to make big profits and leave with large sums of money.



All online casino bonuses have an expiry date. These dates range from 30 days – 90 days. The expiry date is set the moment the bonus is awarded to the player. If you can’t meet the wagering conditions by the end of the term then the bonus funds and anything won with it will be removed from the account.


When you begin gambling with bonus funds it’s essential to understand that the funds gambled first will be your own money, followed by the bonus. This means if you have $100 and given $50 and lose $100. The online casino will assume you’ve gambled the funds you added and left with the bonus. If you don’t meet the wagering requirements by the expiry date then the online casino will remove the $50 left in your account.


Betting Limit

Some bonuses have a betting limit where a maximum value can be bet with the bonus funds per day. Once this limit is reached, you will not be able to gamble with the bonus money until 24 hours have passed. Online casinos do this to make it harder for players to reach the wagering limit.


Our Top 3 Recommended Best Online Casino Bonuses

The listing is ever-changing. This means that when a gambling site increases its reputation and meets all the checks, we will classify it as one of the top online casino sites. Hence, in this section of the page, you find the list of our top recommended online casinos. A range of bonus incentive programs is available at these online casinos. Playing at these online gambling sites can give you an edge in the digital age of online gaming by providing a continuous increase in your wagering funds.



There are a wide variety of online casino bonuses available to players who reach out to look for them. The most popular bonuses are provided during the initial sign-up processes as a welcome bonus, which is generated as a package. Other bonuses can also be acquired through depositing high amounts of funds, by being a high roller and a VIP member at the online casino. Overall, these bonuses are amazing and can add more than double the deposited funds. However, it is still essential to look at the wagering requirements for all bonuses activated. These requirements will vary at differing online casinos and should always be checked before activating bonuses.

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Still Unsure if You Should Claim a Casino Bonus?

Check out our guides for No Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins, or Cashback.


Alternatively, you can learn more about the popular no deposit bonus in the video below. Best of luck!

Casino Bonuses in USA FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about USA casino bonus offers.

The best way to get 10 dollars for free is to look for online casinos that offer the no deposit bonus. This bonus is generally between $5 – $10 depending on the online casino.

To withdraw a no deposit bonus, you need to meet the wagering requirements set out by the online casino. You can not withdraw the no deposit bonus without this. Online casinos do this because they would go bankrupt quickly if everyone was withdrawing free money on a regular basis.

The creation of one or more accounts is possible at online casinos. However, most will close down multiple accounts. Most establishments only allow one welcome bonus per household and will not allow two accounts from the same house to use the welcome bonus.

Ironically, there have been users who have previously won the jackpot on slots where free spins were used on that turn. It is possible to win the jackpot. However, it is a good idea to check if the free spins can be used on jackpot slot games. Some online casinos will not allow their players to use free spins on these games.

There are several payment methods that can be used to obtain a bonus. The quicker payments are card payments through visa or MasterCard, which are instantly credited to the account. Bank transfers take longer to process and can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. All payment methods are safe and have their own benefits.

A match bonus is where the casino will essentially double your deposit up to a certain amount. This means that if you deposit 10$ to play for, the casino will top you up with another 10$. Just make sure you read any terms and conditions regarding such a bonus.


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