Overview of Online Casinos that Accept PayPal in the USA

PayPal is one of the most famous payment methods for online transactions. The fact that it has more than 300 million users speaks volumes about the quality and trust this company gets. In addition, PayPal is an eWallet, which makes it perfect for online gambling lovers as they can quickly dispose of any direct connection to their personal information and online casinos.

Moreover, players in the USA can sometimes face various restrictions regarding the payment methods they can use in the leading online casinos. But that’s not something you will frequently encounter while using PayPal. That’s because most of the best online casino sites in the USA accept it. Among them, you can find BetMGM, Fanduel, DraftKings, and more.

Paypal Casinos


  • Banking Type - E-Wallet
  • Deposit Time - Instant
  • Withdrawal Time - 2-6 Hours
  • Fees - Varies depending on top-up method
  • Visit the PayPal Website

Paypal Summary

This guide will tell you all you need to know about PayPal as payment solution and how you can use it to quickly and securely deposit and withdraw funds at gambling sites in the United States.

online casinos that accept paypal

How do Online Casinos that Accept PayPal work?

If you are familiar with eWallets, you should understand how PayPal works perfectly. Its mechanism is pretty straightforward. As an eWallet, PayPal is a digital vault where you can store your funds. It is linked to your bank account or debit card, and you can make payments without any balance in the eWallet itself.

Moreover, you can send money to other platform users and efficiently shop online in almost every store you can think of. Of course, this also includes online casino sites. That said, let’s dive a bit deeper into the specifics of PayPal regarding online gambling payments in online casinos accept Paypal.

Available in Many US Casinos and Beyond

As an American company created in 1998, it would have been a bit strange if the online casinos didn’t widely accept PayPal in the country. But on top of that, numerous high-quality offshore casino sites also accept this eWallet. In other words, you even have the opportunity to try some of these platforms if you want a change in the online gambling scenery.

Maximum Deposit and Withdrawal Amounts

PayPal might easily be one of the easiest payment methods you can use for your gambling experience. But when it comes to the maximum amounts you can deposit and withdraw while using it, there are a few things to be aware of. Once you verify your bank details and identity with your PayPal account, you can deposit up to $5,000 per transaction, as most casinos in the US allow.

As for withdrawals, you probably won’t have any issues most of the time. All withdrawals up to a few thousand dollars will quickly arrive in your PayPal account in hours. But if you request a withdrawal request of more than $5,000, you might have to complete additional verification on the casino’s side.

Quick Transactions and Low Fees

One of PayPal’s most significant benefits is its quick and easy transactions. As you might already know, all withdrawals you direct to PayPal will be processed in 24 hours. This is the typical time you can expect from most casinos in the USA. However, depending on how the financial team of a particular platform operates, you can receive your withdrawal in less than 2-3 hours. Of course, this is not a rule of thumb and depends on your online casino.

It’s the same when it comes to withdrawal fees. Generally, all withdrawals to PayPal are free, as the payment process never charges fees. But depending on your state and the online casino you play in, you can expect to come across withdrawal fees of up to 3,4%. But even if all your withdrawals are subject to a price like this, considering how easy and quick the PayPal withdrawals are, it’s still completely worth it.

Top 5 Paypal Casinos Online in The United States

See our list for the best online casinos that accept Paypal in The United States. We have checked out all the best sites, so you can simply choose one and get started straight away.

Are Online Casinos that Accept PayPal Safe for Online Gambling?

One vital question regarding using PayPal for online gambling is how secure this service is. But safety and security are the two components of PayPal that have been taken to the highest level possible. When using PayPal for online gambling transactions, you have quite a few layers that protect your personal information and funds.

It’s widely known that PayPal is one of the most significant payment processors worldwide. That’s why they invest heavily in security and use only the latest encryption methods and protocols to ensure their users are always protected. That said, it’s no wonder why PayPal has more than 300 million users worldwide, and many players prefer this eWallet for their gambling transactions.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the most significant payment processors worldwide
  • Wide acceptance among online casinos in the USA
  • Withdrawals are processed in less than 24 hours
  • Advanced privacy and security
  • Lower withdrawal fees of up to 3,4% per transaction
  • Only trusted online casinos are allowed to use PayPal in the USA


  • Maximum deposits and withdrawals usually capped at $5,000 in the various US online casinos
  • PayPal requires verification using personal details and documents

Why Should I Use Online Casinos that Accept PayPal?

After learning so much about PayPal and how it works for online gambling transactions, you might wonder what’s in it for you by deciding to use the payment processor’s service.

Moving Your Funds Quicker

When withdrawing from online casinos in the USA, you can always expect the funds to hit your PayPal account in 24 hours. This allows you to quickly move them from one gambling site to another, which is incredibly convenient if you want to exploit different features and games across various platforms.

PayPal Works Only With Trusted Online Casinos

Many players don’t know this, but in the past, PayPal shut down all transactions to gambling institutions until 2010. That’s when the company policy changed, and since then, PayPal has offered payments only to reputable online casino platforms in countries where gambling activity is legal. This means that when an online casino in the US uses PayPal, it should be reliable. In other words, PayPal has filtered the bad from the good online casinos for you.

Keeping Your Privacy

When making payments to online casinos, they make contact only with PayPal to complete your transaction. So, there isn’t a chance for your sensitive information to reach the casino platform, protecting your privacy.

How to Create Your PayPal Account?

As you should already understand, before using the services of PayPal, you must register your account into the payment processor’s system. Luckily, this is not very challenging, and you can usually go through it in a few minutes. To make sure you will do this correctly without any issues, you can follow the steps we have prepared for you below:

  1. 1. Visit PayPal’s website or go to the App store of Google Play to download the unique PayPal mobile app
  2. 2. Find the “Sign Up” button to open the registration form. It would be best to select creating a “Personal Account” as it will allow you to make transactions to the US online casinos without sharing your payment information every time.
  3. 3. Fill in all the required information like personal details, phone number, email address, and a few more.
  4. 4. Create your password. Make sure the password you choose is as strong as possible to ensure you won’t face any security breaches or similar in your account
  5. 5. Read the terms and conditions and tick the box to accept them
  6. 6. Click on the “Agree” button to finally create your PayPal account
  7. 7. Add your credit or debit card to PayPal by filling in its details
  8. 8. In the same way as above, link your bank account to PayPal
  9. 9. Visit your email address and get the unique code that you will use for verification
  10. 10. That’s it! Now you can enjoy all the services of PayPal

How to Make Your First Deposit With PayPal?

Once you have joined PayPal and have an online casino account in your preferred platform, it’s time to proceed with your first gambling transaction. But this won’t be as quick as you think. That’s because first, you must verify the payment method you will use to fund your PayPal account. When creating your account, you should have linked a credit or a debit card with all their details. Now, you have to fund your PayPal account for the first time.

This is done in just a few clicks from the PayPal dashboard. Once the transaction goes through, you will have to check your bank statement and get the unique code next to the history of the payment. Then, you go to the verification page on your PayPal account and enter the code. Once everything is confirmed, your account is verified, and you can use it for quick and easy transactions in most US online casinos.

The only thing left now is to login into the US online casino where you want to deposit and choose PayPal as the deposit method. You will be redirected to a unique PayPal page where you have to login into your account. Then, you can choose between your PayPal or card balance being used for all payments. After that, the processor will do the rest. This might seem like an extensive process, but after the first time, your details will be remembered, and the processor will then process all transactions in seconds.

How to Withdraw From a Casino Using PayPal?

After you reach the point where you want to withdraw some funds to your PayPal account, it is safe to say you have to prepare for one of the most enjoyable moments of your online gambling journey. Withdrawing funds from almost every US online casino to PayPal is exceptionally straightforward. To proceed with your first transaction like this, you should go to the casino’s cashier section where you play and search for the PayPal option.

Once chosen, you must enter the amount you want to withdraw from your casino balance and click on the “Withdraw” button. The best thing is that all PayPal withdrawals are free and will appear in your account in 24 hours, if not instantly. Of course, it depends on how quickly the particular casino will review and approve your withdrawal request. At their core, all PayPal transactions are processed in minutes.

Receiving Your Funds From PayPal to Your Bank or Debit Card

When the winnings hit your PayPal account, you need a few more minutes to proceed with another straightforward transaction. That’s the withdrawal of your PayPal account balance to your bank or debit card. This is not mandatory, as most players prefer a PayPal balance they can use for online payments or additional gambling transactions.

However, having a few dollars in your personal bank account or debit card you can withdraw immediately won’t hurt. For this transaction, you must log into your PayPal account, click “Withdraw funds,” and choose your preferred debit card. The best thing here is that the transaction is instant, but it comes with a fee of a few dollars, or up to 3%.

online casinos that accept paypal


Considering the advanced security, privacy, and quick transactions, it’s no wonder why there are so many gamblers who take advantage of PayPal in the USA. In addition, most of the reputable online casinos in the country widely accept it, which makes moving your funds among them more effortless than ever.


No, that’s the beauty of PayPal. You can make transactions even without any balance in your account. The due amounts will be withdrawn directly from your linked card or bank account.

Unfortunately, yes. The US online casinos have strict policies, so you will have to go through a verification process on their platforms regardless.

Of course! PayPal has a unique mobile app that makes gambling transactions even easier.

No. The PayPal casino withdrawals bring funds to your payment processor’s account. From there, you can then withdraw these funds to your card or bank account. The good thing is that you can do this in minutes.