Top USA Reload Bonuses in 2022

With these, it’s no wonder millions of people storm different gaming sites to get a registered account. However, it is worth noting that it’s only after the registration process that users can anticipate tons of incentives.

Existing players already accustomed to playing at online casinos are most likely aware of these bonuses and take advantage of them in the best way possible. This article serves as a guide to understanding how casino reload bonuses work and what’s required to earn them.

What is a Casino Reload Bonus?

To successfully run an online casino, gambling sites have to find a way to both attract and retain players. Reload bonuses is one of the major ways online casinos are using to retain and encourage players to play more games.


Reload bonuses are special casino incentives offered to loyal customers. You can think of them as rewards given to players on gaming platforms when they add more money to their accounts. These unique add-ons can occasionally be confused with deposit bonuses, but there is a significant difference between the two.

reload casino bonus offers USA


Only new players who deposit cash for the first time and comply with the casino’s requirements get a deposit bonus. A player can be awarded a deposit bonus without even playing a game, all that’s needed is a deposit. However, players who regularly place bets are awarded a reload package. They are also eligible to receive a mega sum each time they top off their gaming account. These bonuses can come in terms of free poker rounds, or free spins for specific slots.


Casinos typically provide this kind of incentive because it’s an intelligent method to expand a user’s budget and as a perk to appreciate their devoted gamers. So they can keep playing at the preferred sites without looking at other deals. Furthermore, it also increases the players’ enjoyment and chance of winning which is the ultimate goal.


How Does the Casino Reload Bonus Work?

Most reload bonuses operate similarly; you deposit a certain amount each month, and the casino gives you a matching credit amount. While some incentives are independent of a particular payment method, others work based on payment options. In certain circumstances, only reloads made using that method will grant you the reward. Because of this, it is recommended that you understand all requirements before deciding on your chosen mode of payment.


The operational system of a casino reload bonus can be summed up as follows:


  • A registered user first makes a deposit to unlock the bonus package
  • The bonus enables such players to receive a reward equal to a portion of the funds paid
  • The maximum percentage that players may claim is 150% and could be as low as 10%
  • The casino gives you more money to play with, and the game continues


There exist a lot of reload bonus types out there across different platforms. Some gaming houses give some on special occasions and others randomly. Several factors, like your preferred casino game category, rank or level on the casino site, and minimum and maximum deposit limit, play various roles in the classification and issuance of reload bonuses.


Value increments on these packages will probably improve if you frequently play on a specific site. However, as with all other promos and offers, these bonus packages include terms and limitations that you should be aware of at all times. Ensure you read them beforehand.


Terms & Conditions of the Casino Reload Bonus

It is rare to find a reload bonus lacking wagering criteria; even the top casinos have them. The smaller these are, the better they set the playthrough requirement for the bonus. These requirements explain everything clearly and are simple to understand.


For instance, you usually cannot remove cash instantly from your bet account and are advised to use all the reload funds on the casino’s games. Some slots also state the number of times you can play before releasing your funds. Additionally, as a binding T&C in most casino platforms, there are specific amounts of wins you need to have before a transfer is made to your genuine money wallet.


Reload Bonus USA


Some of the other standard T&Cs involved are:


  • Time Limit: Your bonus’s validity has an expiry! A reload offer typically has a time limit on how long you can use it. Limits can be set from a few days to a few weeks and automatically ends when the deadline elapses. The good news is, most reload bonuses are awarded frequently. If you miss one and you’re a loyal player at that casino, you’ll be awarded another in no time.
  • Game Limit: You can’t use reload bonuses for every game, even on the best casino sites. Depending on your preference, you may only be able to use them on a particular game, such as live poker or slots.
  • Winning Limit: The maximum gains that can be claimed using bonus money is an essential rule that players frequently ignore. In the end, even if you win a sizable sum when playing a jackpot slot, you are only permitted to withdraw up to the maximum amount allowed.
  • Wagering Requirement: Wagering requirement refers to the number of times you’ll have to play the reload bonus before you can claim the winnings. While some top online casinos offer reload bonuses with no or low wagering requirements, most don’t. For example, a reload bonus that offers $100 with a 30x wagering requirements will need you to wager $3000 (30 x 100) before you’re allowed to withdraw the funds.


How Do I Claim a Casino Reload Bonus?

By reading the gaming house’s policy, players will fully understand how to top off their account correctly to qualify for a reload. Not all online gaming platforms provide these to players or even hand them out automatically. These reload incentives are sometimes only offered by gaming sites during celebratory promotions.


Other times, if you deposit a particular amount of money each month, they’ll give you an offer once a month. Also, there are lots of online casino review sites that review casino bonuses. You can read about the casino there, their bonus requirements, and also learn from the experience of other players that have tried them.


Finally, players must fulfill deposit requirements at casinos that consistently give these opportunities. To receive the reward, you must deposit a specific amount of cash. You won’t receive a reload bonus if you don’t comply with this requirement. Therefore, before you register and deposit, carefully read the terms and conditions. Also ensure that the site is fully licensed by a reputable gaming commission.


Are Casino Reload Bonuses Worth Your Time?

Since reload bonuses are generally meant for already existing players, they are not usually as lucrative as welcome, deposit, or other casino bonuses for new players. Before committing to any online casino because of their reload bonuses, here are some facts about them you must know. They’ll help you ascertain if reload bonuses are truly worth your time.


Lower Maximum Amount

When compared to welcome bonuses, the average maximum amount for most reload bonuses are very low. It’s pretty common to see an online casino offering welcome bonuses as high as $1000. Reload bonuses, on the other hand, mostly peak at $100 or $200.


However, this shouldn’t be much of a problem especially if you’re not a high staker because the chances of you depositing more than $100 at a time are pretty low.


Lower Match Percentage

Generally, online casinos welcome bonuses that offer no less than 100% match on first deposits. In some cases, the match percentage can be as high as 200%, 300%, or even 500%.


Alternatively, reload bonuses match percentage usually lies between 50% to 75%. While this is still a great way to earn free money, it is low when compared to other casino bonuses.


Frequency of Offers

Casino reload bonuses might not have the high match percentage or maximum amount that’s common with welcome bonuses but it covers for that in frequency and availability. Welcome bonuses are usually meant for your first deposit and after that, it’s gone. Reload bonuses, on the other hand, are awarded to loyal players every now and then. In the long run, it’s more profitable than welcome bonuses.


Generally, most casinos constantly have active rewards for their loyal and VIP players. So before you register on any site because of their mouth watering welcome bonus, do well to check their reload bonuses. It’ll benefit you more in the long run.



Gaming sites can give reload bonuses to all players — VIP members or a selection of players at random. However, they mostly reward the most loyal customers as their major purpose in online gambling.


These bonuses may vary in type, requirements, and percentages based on the casino platform. They range from free rounds on table games to free spins on specific slot machines. In turn, these encourage players to experience different games, which increases the excitement they get and keeps them playing.

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Still Unsure if You Should Claim a Reload Casino Bonus?

If you still haven’t decided if you should try playing for a reload bonus, check out this video introduction about the promotion.

Reload Casino Bonus FAQ

Below are our answers to some of the most common questions asked about reload bonuses in USA

The welcome package offer can be used multiple times, whereas the latter is only available once upon account registration.

Unfortunately, most sites won’t allow you to cash out your reward instantly. But there is always a time limit attached, and you can utilize the bonus offer within the duration. 

It is most definitely worth claiming. You are not spending a cent getting the deposit as it is completely free. You could end up making a few bucks if you take the no deposit bonus and start winning and meeting the wagering requirements.

These incentives come in varieties depending on the casino. Some are based on payment methods, free spins, daily specials, and high-stake deposits. 

Reload bonuses in USA can be claimed using your mobile device. You may even be eligible for a unique offer on your mobile device even if you have previously claimed a free bonus with no deposit on the casino’s desktop version.

Reload bonuses are special casino incentives offered to loyal customers. You can think of them as rewards given to players on gaming platforms when they add more money to their accounts.

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